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Hip-Hop Culture

Diamonds represent luxury. Many people consider diamond jewelry as a status symbol more than a fashion statement. And for luxury brand owners, this is a competition to impress customers with the most innovative designs.

For Brandon O'Neal, the owner of Luxe VVS Jewelers, one of the fastest-growing diamond jewelry brands in the US, three things define the company’s culture: luxury, art, and hip-hop. 

Since his teenage years, Brandon has been reading all about luxury brands and how they invest time and money into making masterpieces in the diamond jewelry industry. He also loves hip-hop and goes back to the 1980s when hip-hop artists wear diamond necklaces and bracelets. According to Brandon, this was just a way to match their fancy cars and expensive houses. And when it comes to art, he is a fan of sculptures, historical architecture, and paintings. 

Luxe VVS Jewelers's DNA is a conglomeration of all three characteristics. The brand, inspired by the hip-hop culture, wants to provide masterfully-crafted high-end diamond jewelry at affordable prices. 

Influence of hip-hop

The brand, inspired by the hip-hop culture, wants to provide masterfully-crafted high-end diamond jewelry at affordable prices. 

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According to Brandon, diamond jewelry is more about what a hip-hop artist has achieved and not just the bling or the status symbol that comes with it. And this mindset had a massive influence on Brandon. When he decided to start Luxe VVS Jewelers, he showed the world how unique the hip-hop culture is through his diamond jewelry. That's how the concept of customized diamond jewelry came into the picture. 

Luxe VVS Jewelers even had the opportunity to design the necklace of NLE Choppa, the chart-topping rap artist. Apart from Choppa, Luxe VVS Jewelers has had the chance to work with King Los and Lola Monroe. The company, through its customized jewelry, wants to tell the story of their customers. Suppose you want to express your love to your partner. You decide to gift her a customized diamond bracelet that has your and her initials imprinted on it. That's what makes your piece different. It tells the story of the love you two share. 

Making diamond jewelry affordable

While hip-hop artists have the monetary backing to buy such expensive jewelry pieces, an average person can only dream of such a thing for his entire life. But Luxe VVS Jewelers wants to change this mentality. To make diamond jewelry affordable, Luxe VVS Jewelers sends India’s designs to manufacture the pieces of jewelry. India offers cheaper labor costs compared to other countries. Most importantly, India has some of the finest craftsmen in the world. This allows Luxe VVS Jewelers to keep the customized diamond jewelry prices competitive without compromising their products’ quality. 

In addition to cheap labor, India is also the place where Luxe VVS Jewelers gets its diamonds. They manage to pay a low rate for high-quality diamonds, not charge an exorbitant amount from their customers.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Luxe VVS Jewelers is changing the face of the diamond jewelry industry by offering top-quality diamonds at affordable prices. Its objective to provide VVS diamonds with customized jewelry designs is creating a buzz among diamond lovers, making it one of the best brands in this business.