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Rick Ross

Celebrity management company HighKey Clout is back at it again with another Instagram celebrity giveaway. This time around, Highkey reignited its partnership with American rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross and gave away a Tesla to one lucky follower.

HighKey Clout’s Proven History in Celebrity Giveaways

For a company that focuses on boosting clout, HighKey’s founders Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz knew that they had to think of something big in order to attract thousands if not millions of followers to their clients. So they thought of a groundbreaking way to achieve their goals: giving away massive prizes with celebrities.

Over the years, the Lintz brothers have perfected how they do celebrity giveaways and have achieved continued success for each campaign. Every client that deals with HighKey Clout has seen a significant rise in their following after a successful campaign.

For HighKey co-founder Luke Lintz, doing celebrity giveaways on Instagram is like striking gold.

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While a lucky follower of the celebrity gets to bring home a fantastic giveaway prize, such as Tesla, like in the case of Rick Ross, no luck is involved in the development of their Instagram giveaway campaign. First, HighKey Clout partners with an A-list celebrity to promote the giveaway. Then HighKey sells spots on @highkeyclout’s following list on Instagram. The slots are limited since less than 100 people can be part of the list. While the campaign is live, the celebrity's followers have a chance of entering the giveaway by following every person on HighKey’s following list, and that’s it.

For HighKey co-founder Luke Lintz, doing celebrity giveaways on Instagram is like striking gold. That’s because he knows that the business model is effectively giving so much value to everyone involved in the process, from the sponsors to their clients, and of course, the lucky winners.

Rick Ross Gives Away a Tesla

With more than half a decade in the business of Instagram giveaways to boost clout, HighKey has given over $350,000 in cash to several lucky winners. This is made possible through partnerships and sponsorships with A-list celebrities and famous influencers like Disney star Bella Thorne, comedian Kevin Hart, and American rappers like Dababy, Lil Baby, Snoop Dogg and many more.

For one of its most recent giveaways, HighKey Clout teamed up with American rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross, who has amassed over 12 million followers on Instagram. Rick Ross volunteered to give away a Tesla last June 13th and Ross’ follower, Zechariah Vanzo, won.

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If you missed Rick Ross’s giveaway, then there’s no need to fret. HighKey Clout is coming up with another Instagram giveaway this month. Tune in to @highkeyclout to learn more.