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Lawyers are known both for their prestige and their dishonesty. Their silver tongues and sharp wit have been impacting our everyday lives for millennia, and there’s a reason why theirs is known as the second-oldest profession in the world.

Hiring a Business Lawyer

However, despite the negative connotations that some people associate with lawyers, there’s no denying that you need one in your life if you’re a business owner. This goes for big and small businesses alike.

Read on to find out why hiring a commercial lawyer might be one of the best business investments you’ll ever make.

A Learned Friend is a Friend Indeed

Having a lawyer on payroll isn't always about being rescued from trouble. It can save you the trouble and effort required to legitimize your business. All the paperwork, every form you need to fill, every licence required, every fee levied; a lawyer can handle it for you effortlessly.

Business involves a lot of negotiation and with someone that negotiates for a living, you can't go wrong.

Setting up your business the right way is the only way. If you don’t get a proper start, you can't operate properly. First impressions count, even in business, and a lawyer will make sure you don't skip a single step.

A Middleman on your Side

Lawyers are trained to persuade, negotiate deals and reach settlements. This is what they do best. Business involves a lot of negotiation and with someone that negotiates for a living, you can't go wrong.

Misinterpreting a contract, missing the fine print, all of this can be avoided by enlisting the services of a contract whisperer.

Teach a Man to Fish

Not knowing the law is no excuse for breaking it. You can cut the costs of filing for applications and bringing motions before court by hiring a business lawyer.

Employees often break the law due to simple ignorance. What makes it worse is when the employer is in the dark too. If everyone is equipped with knowledge, it is less likely for somebody to go against what they know.

All rights, privileges and duties are upheld where they are known and respected. When everyone knows their role and how to go about it, it’s less likely someone will overstep the boundaries set out for them by labor policies.

A business lawyer will not only represent you and advise you about the formation and operation of your business. A business lawyer will enlighten you, your partners and your personnel about all things legal. This promotes adhering to the law and makes the company more resourceful.

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You know Someone who Knows Someone

For your lawyer to be considered a business lawyer they should have been representing businesses for a while now. Not only do they have experience, they should have a traceable reputation which has to work in your favor.

Apart from all the professional assistance, your business lawyer could act as a wingman. With connections all throughout the corporate world, your lawyer's networking should boost your business significantly.

With the solid relationships your lawyer has, you have access to suppliers and clients that would work with you because they have worked with your lawyer.

Charity begins at Home

Countless companies cease operations because of disagreements that business partners have. Sometimes, partners have different visions for a company and they may steer away from the original manifesto.

Priorities change and partners may develop other interests or goals for the company that had not originally been considered. As a result, memorandums of understanding may be disregarded and certain legal elements may come into play.

To avoid ever being at loggerheads with your partner, hire a business lawyer who will oversee every step of the process. Your lawyer can help draft contracts and could play the role of a peacekeeper amid misunderstandings and in times of outright conflict.

Making you Look Good

Investors can be thrown off by the slightest blunder. Anything that arouses doubt in them could prove catastrophic. You want to keep your investors confident and reassured at all times.

With a corporate counselor at your back, chances of you seeming like a fumbling opportunist are slimmer.

This an important hire, it will make you seem like a professional, effectively greasing up your investors and reducing risks for both them and you.

Meaning Business

Whether it's a civil suit or a criminal case, it's never nice being sued or charged. Lawsuits can cost a company millions and not filling in the right form can be disastrous for your business.

Save yourself the trouble and hire a legal mind. What are you waiting for? Someone could be suing you right now!

Joevren Curmi