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Hiro Ando

The growing use of blockchain in various industries have been on the rise since the past year, especially after the onset of the global pandemic which forced many entities to transition online. Similarly, the art industry had also transitioned itself onto the digital space and many towards the NFT zone. Why was the change so sudden, especially in the art sphere? It has indeed been a revolutionary move for many to get into the cryptocurrency space, of which non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a big part. According to studies, the reach grew up to $2.7 billion in the 2020-2021 fiscal year as many art entities migrated online at the beginning of the global crisis. Japanese artist Hiro Ando also stepped into this space by bringing out his collection in digital form through his soon-to-be launched NFT project Samurai Cats. With this, he has opened up the doors of the art industry to the virtual world.

Predicted to take over the NFT space, it has already created enough buzz around it well before its public launch.

Ando being the co-founder of Studio Crazy NOOdles which he founded in 2005 in Tokyo along with Saori Nakamishi with the sole aim of promoting the creations of young Japanese new wave pop artists on the world stage has gone a step ahead by contributing immensely towards this new project which they feel will revolutionize the industry in a big way. The soft launch took place on December 12 and will be open for minting soon. There are in all 4747 Samurai Cats which will be on offer through the digital sale. Each of its digital properties guarantees the authenticity of the artwork and allows the artists as well as buyers to navigate freely between the actual and virtual worlds seamlessly. On the occasion of Samurai Cat's launch, Ando said that he has stepped in as the digital world has been extremely promising and with this initiative a new boost will be given to the art world which has had numerous restrictions since the past year owing to the pandemic situation.

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What's interesting about this project is that it has a popular name associated with it. Known American DJ Steve Aoki has joined the team as a partner as he found this to be an extremely lucrative proposition. He was always in awe of Ando's creations and even holds one of his creations. So, it was natural for him to get involved with this project and push it to optimum levels, as he already had a deep connection with the art world. The Samurai Cats, which are based on the Ethereum blockchain and each have been randomly assembled from over 300 layers hand-drawn by Hiro Ando. Buyers can avail of various benefits on receiving his physical artworks through the use of NFTs which include access to the Samurai Cat image, virtual gallery and previews of upcoming collections in both forms, physical and digital.

To know more about Samurai Cats, log on to its official website or connect to their Instagram on: