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Holiday Swap Group

Top-ranking company Holiday Swap Group has achieved another milestone after it recently announced that His Highness Sheikh Juma Ahmed Juma Al Maktoum is now one of the company’s major shareholders. His Highness became a significant investor of Holiday Swap, a company that operates a home-exchange system across 185 countries, through Elite Partner Investment LLC in April 2020. Since then, he has been instrumental in supporting the platform's growth by over forty percent worldwide during the last eighteen months.

Elite Partner Investment is a UAE-based investment management company that puts a heavy focus on technology, mining, real estate, and energy, led by His Highness.

His Highness is a member of the ruling family in Dubai and has closely adjusted his vision with the present ruler of Dubai to position the UAE on the global map using commercial and philanthropic projects. Elite Partner Investment is a UAE-based investment management company that puts a heavy focus on technology, mining, real estate, and energy, led by His Highness.

“His Highness Sheikh Juma Ahmed Juma Al Maktoum’s proven history of visionary leadership and commercial achievements not only in Dubai but around the world illustrates the magnitude of his highness’ importance within the company for our continued global growth,” Holiday Swap founder and Chief Executive Officer, James Asquith states.

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Holiday Swap was established by James Asquith, a London banker who currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest man to visit all 196 countries in the world. He was merely 24 years old when he accomplished the remarkable adventure, taking inspiration from his escapades to later build his enterprise.

Despite the mess that the current pandemic has generated, the award-winning home exchange platform continues to assist travelers as they securely swap and host their homes. Currently, the phenomenal platform is being utilized by over half a million users across 185 countries globally. Because users aren’t profiting or subletting, everyone can use Holiday Swap if they wish to avoid the costly outcome of staying in high-priced accommodations. Instead, they can focus more on their flights and the tours.

Since its launch, the platform has helped numerous people travel the world without worrying about paying for pricey lodgings. With Holiday Swap, an individual can decide whether they want to swap homes simultaneously, simply host travelers, or be a guest. Furthermore, the system gives people a chance to make social connections all over the globe, exchange local travel tips, discover new destinations, or visit famous localities.

With Home Swap being more than just an exchange platform, it’s no wonder why his Highness decided to join the team. According to the company, his Highness will be directly participating in the strategic decisions for the management group, providing leadership to the board and setting the pace for the company, marking a new chapter for the world’s premiere home-exchange platform.

“My investment into Holiday Swap is my commitment to backing disruptive technology that will change the world, with Dubai as a focal hub to facilitate this. My vision is to turn Holiday Swap into a true global leader when opening up more accessible and affordable travel experiences across the world. Expanding the market share and gaining trust around the world is the backbone for my vision and my efforts in the months and years to come,” His Highness Sheikh Juma Ahmed Juma Al Maktoum explains.

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In essence, Holiday Swap continues to transform the travel industry and modify how people travel. In the near future, the company anticipates having more than fifty million users in every country by constantly innovating how the travel industry works through social and practical endeavors.