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It has been mentioned before on this site that the online bingo juggernaut is moving rapidly and has already taken hold in Los Angeles. Now, there is even more evidence to show its strong links with the city. Themed rooms are on the rise at bingo sites that want to target wider demographics, and a recently released option has a direct lead into the Hollywood theme. This could appeal to people from the city, but can also add to bingo’s credibility – having links to the biggest film industry in the world is sure to boost its appeal.

Hollywood Boulevard Bingo Room

One of the main ways that online bingo has been so successful is due to developers striving to make the games available to wider audiences. To do this, they have taken inspiration from online casinos, where slot games are the pinnacle of diversity. Slots have become the most popular casino game because of their widely varied themes and the way there is something for everyone to enjoy. A lot of the most popular games are based on hit films, with The Dark Knight, Terminator: Genisys, and Bridesmaids being a few notable examples throughout the last decade.

The Hollywood Boulevard jackpot bingo room aims to attract movie fans who want to feel the magic of the film industry as they play. It features classic imagery from the golden age of Hollywood in the 1960s and evokes nostalgia in players. Indeed, stepping into this game room is like going to a themed diner such as Jack Rabbit Slim’s from Pulp Fiction. It transports players to another time and adds an exciting element to the games.

The LA-based Film Industry Can be A Major Boost

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Developing a connection to Hollywood is a wise move for the online bingo industry, as it can leverage the popularity and notoriety of the film industry as a way to attract players.

Aside from aiming to stir up feelings of nostalgia for Hollywood days gone by, developers could decide to create other rooms based on specific films or genres. Simply putting the name of a popular movie franchise on the games could be enough to draw the attention of a lot of players.

This has already happened with superhero-themed roulette games at online casinos and is an idea that could easily be replicated by bingo sites. One way to get a vast number of players interested would be to use a sprawling franchise like the MCU or the DC Extended Universe where there are different characters to suit a variety of tastes. Alternatively, a site could stick to a genre such as horror and use tropes from classic films to give the bingo room a scary theme.

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The Hollywood connection has served as a major boost to the online casino industry for some time, and now it is creeping into the online bingo sector as well. Not only could this help make more LA players aware of bingo, but it will also assist in the global domination of the game as it attracts more and more players.

Nicky Peterson