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The Black Lives Matter movement has seen support in all shapes and sizes. But one group looks to introduce a new format of advocacy— one that takes the form of a blockchain-based ledger. This new movement is called Hoodpunks, a non-fungible token that has pledged support to the Black Lives Matter movement as soon as it hits the market.

Hoodpunks is a collection of non-fungible tokens or NFTs that features an 8-bit African American character. Each NFT has a unique look with various permutations of the same cartoon, varying in accessories and outfits. Each unique NFT character will be available for trading on the blockchain network and will go up in value with every trade. The NFT drop will have a whole roadmap, which includes various giveaways worth thousands of dollars and pledges to the Black Lives Matter movement via various organizations and nonprofits.

The NFT hasn’t officially launched yet, but word is spreading like wildfire about the NFT art that looks to create social change.

Already, Hoodpunks is starting to get support from influencers such as Lotti, KushPapi, and MostlyLuca. The NFT hasn’t officially launched yet, but word is spreading like wildfire about the NFT art that looks to create social change.

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Non-fungible tokens have been the object of a frenzy in the past few months as people are starting to flock to them. There have been reports of NFT contracts that have exponentially grown in value, making traders and collectors a few thousand to a few million dollars richer. Accordingly, people have been on the lookout for new releases that could become the next Doge or Grimes NFT. Hoodpunks hopes to enter those arenas with its release, and it seems to be on a good momentum to make some major waves in the crypto market.

The team behind Hoodpunks is also currently developing a play-to-earn version of the character, which will also give people the opportunity to earn real money via blockchain currencies while progressing through the virtual ecosystem of their upcoming video game. The characters of the NFT will also be the players in the game itself.

Behind the concept of the Hoodpunks NFT collection is an authentic desire to make a difference in society. The team hopes that the release would “change the world one NFT at a time.” Accordingly, it invites people who want to make a change while also backing an NFT that could potentially help them multiply their net worth to join their community.

Behind the value of blockchain programs like NFTs is having strong functionality. That means that NFTs with more use-cases have more potential to become successful. If that were the case, Hoodpunks has a good possibility of becoming a massive hit given it has multiple uses. It’s an art collectible with unique intrinsic value, an upcoming video game with play-to-earn capabilities, and a social movement that will support the fight against community and systemic racism.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

All in all, the Hoodpunks team looks forward to an explosive launch. The non-fungible token is a few hours away from release. The Hoodpunks community is also growing fast on Discord as giveaways have already begun. Last October 10, a $10,000 giveaway landed on one of their lucky community members. Hoodpunks promises so much more in the coming days.

To learn more about Hoodpunks, visit its official website and Twitter account.