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Horror Fellas NFT Ready to Strike Fear through the Solana Network

Horror Fellas

Halloween might have come and gone, but the spookfest has just begun on the non-fungible token ecosystem as a new NFT starts scaring people on the network. The collection is called Horror Fellas NFT, and it has a lot in store for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and holders.

Horror Fellas brings a whole new concept into the non-fungible atmosphere: a collection of frightening characters that are sure to bring an adrenaline rush to the peer-to-peer system. The NFT collection features 10,000 unique characters with various personalities, features, and characteristics that make them stand out from the network and each other. In addition, the collection relies on some pop cultures around horror stories and introduces a few unique twists to well-known characters.

The team behind Horror Fellas NFT are fans of scary stories that bring life to the intricately designed characters in the collection’s various mints. “We are avid fans of horror themes and are tired of seeing the trivial and joyful collections on the marketplace,” says the NFT’s official website. “Pixel art and cute animals are not about us! So instead, our artists work day and night to create infrequent and frightening characters for you.”

The team behind Horror Fellas NFT are fans of scary stories that bring life to the intricately designed characters in the collection’s various mints.

The NFT team has also released videos on YouTube to showcase how the NFT artworks came to life. The process has been called “mesmerizing” as each element to every mint gets much-needed attention and detail, making the whole artwork perfectly. Furthermore, every NFT piece gets an allotted amount of time and energy to ensure that every detail goes right. This approach stems far away from the batch processing approach that most tokens on the market usually follow.

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The collection has even caught the attention of Arman Izadi, a businessman and a well-known name in the NFT game. Izadi even tweeted about the collection, showing how proud he was that his friends made it. Izadi might even put it on his Instagram account for more details.

Non-fungible tokens are digital contracts connected to a blockchain network that makes the artworks attached to them authentic and memorable. Amid the growing digital tide, artists have struggled with piracy and duplication online. With NFT technology, collectors have a way to authenticate and protect their artworks, giving each mint a particular value, which makes it a tradeable collectible. In the case of Horror Fellas NFT, the mints will go on the Solana network, one of today’s fastest-growing blockchain networks.

Attached to the Horror Fellas project is an effort to turn these characters into an augmented reality experience. In phase three of the project, the company will release filters that put the Horror Fella characters into an AR app, which users can apply to bring these characters to life. After this, the team will also create a unique virtual ecosystem for holders and collectors to network and converge.

Already the NFT has been catching momentum, with the official minting date still looming. Over 3,200 people have followed the NFT’s official Twitter account, and the number still grows by the day. The NFT also hopes to do some good on top of the horror it spreads by committing 20% of its proceeds to various charities.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The mint will start at 1.2 SOL per token as soon as it goes live, which should translate to about $265 roughly. The creators hope to create a stir on the NFT network and spark a whole new category of NFTs on Solana and beyond. To learn more about the NFT, visit the official website and Twitter account.