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age gap

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones… What do these people have in common? Men and women in all these couples have a considerable age difference. 

This nuance has always caused contradictory emotions in society: from confusion to approval or loyalty. Many people are sure there is no love in these couples. They say it's because of money, because of inheritance, etc. But in fact, there are many good examples of such relationships that last to this day. But you should look at this situation from different sides, analyze it objectively and understand why many people are deliberately trying to find a person older or younger than themselves. It should be clearly understood why age is not the main factor in a relationship for someone. 

Associate Professor, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Irina Khokh, writes - that one of the main conditions for marital happiness in multi-age relationships is sexual attraction. It is also true for Russian women on But if we consider both the psychological and physiological aspects, then the relationship with the age difference has many pitfalls.

Why older?

Women most often prefer an older man as a partner, primarily because they are looking for a reliable and strong boyfriend.

Research confirms the well-known fact that women most often prefer an older man as a partner, primarily because they are looking for a reliable and strong boyfriend. Career success adds points to his general attractiveness because an older guy is often a wise person. Ladies have always tried to find a reliable partner who can provide for the family. And there is nothing wrong with doing so. While a young woman is looking for stability and emotional maturity, an older man will appreciate his girlfriend's youth and energy, which are the basis for a good and harmonious relationship.

Another absolute plus of a romance with an older man can be his sincerity and honesty, which form the foundation of a trusting relationship. According to statistics, mature males are more inclined to have serious intentions towards girls because they have already got all the necessary experience and are ready to settle down.

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Life expectancy

A study conducted at Stockholm University found out that men married to young girls live longer than those who have an insignificant age difference with their partners.

age gap

An interesting fact is that the same study was performed on women. As it turned out - age difference does not matter at all for them. It does not increase the chance to live longer regardless of the age of the partner.

What about the downsides?

  • Differences in worldview. It is one of the pitfalls of different-age relationships. The obvious one, in fact. A banal short skirt can turn into a quarrel, for which one thing is good, and another is bad.
  • Different lifestyle. A young girl wants to go to parties with her friends, and her older boyfriend wants to stay home and, wrapped in a blanket, watch a new Netflix series.
  • Jealousy. If a person has problems with self-esteem, it will be difficult for him to keep a partner much younger than he is. And it's not about the appearance; or the difference in the financial situation. It's a matter of gratuitous jealousy, which will overcome him over and over again. When he does not consider himself better than every passerby, how quickly will the same thing begin to press on his young and inexperienced partner?

Does the age difference still affect the relationship?

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

As it turned out, age differences can significantly affect the relationship. Starting from the partner's experience, ending with jealousy and a difference in worldview. And in fact, it should not matter to you whether your partner is older than you, if you feel safe and comfortable with her. Love knows no age, and it's not worth ruining your relationship because of public opinion.