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The vaping market attracts attention because its revenue grows incredibly fast, bringing the e-cigarettes producers millions. The vaping culture consists of newcomers of any age, starting from the mid-school kids to the adults. Recently, the news feed revealed the information regarding the deaths and illnesses caused by e-cigarettes. Soon, there appeared the vape market restrictions, which affected not only the market; however, the consumers as well.

Modern society seems to be quite obsessed with the idea of shifting from the toxic lifestyle to the healthier one, and smoking regular cigarettes is an excellent example of it. The vape pens or e cigarettes are the words that have already become standard terms among smokers. Despite enormous popularity, however, the idea of the substitution of tobacco production has its dark side. As a result, there appeared some new restrictions regarding the vaping market which have already affected it.

What Does the Study Say?

Back in 2018, there were around 78% vapers among the high schoolers and 48% among those who attended a middle school. What is more, the percentage only continued to rise with time. At this time, the US Food and Drug Administration put forward a proposal to set some restrictions and effective measures against numerous nicotine products with diverse flavors.

The following year, people found out truly terrifying news about the sad outcomes of the vaping. According to the report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were as many as “805 lung injury cases” registered across 46 states; moreover, there were also 12 deaths related to vaping. Starting from this moment, the government could not but take some measures. However, it was also essential to consider many different aspects of the issue.

Government Takes Measures

As things stand, the health officials of the United States are going to ban the majority of the flavored electronic cigarettes that are a hit with middle and high school teenagers. At the same time, the same officials are in favor of making some exceptions for the retailers, manufacturers of the vape products, and adults who tend to use these non-nicotine devices.

Some may find the exception to be a risky idea; however, there is a rational kernel behind it. At the moment, there are more than 15 million smokers of vape devices (adults), the majority of which purchase the non-tobacco flavors. Small vape shops offer a wide range of nicotine strengths and comprise almost one-third of the vaping market. While the cartridge systems are mostly a product of convenience shops, such systems offer more nicotine-based production.

Because the adults prefer a non-tobacco product to the regular nicotine vape pens, it is fair enough to leave such small businesses for adult access only. The flavors that do not have any taste, as well as tobacco, are popular among adults. The reason for this is because such items can come in handy for those who want to quit or cut to the bone smoking.

Despite the proposal mentioned above, the US President made some corrections regarding the restrictions. The Trump administration has already announced this year that such flavors as mint, fruit, candy, and also dessert flavorings will be banned. The statement concerns the electronic cigarettes that are cartridge-based. Besides, one should understand that banning the particular flavor vapes, the new restrictions will push the tank-based devices to the background.

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In such a way, the original plan of US President Donald Trump to ban all existing vape flavors was partially changed due to some critical aspects. At the same time, the newly created idea of the President’s administration seems to be democratic regarding some part of the multibillion-dollar market of the vaping devices.

If talking about the state level, the local governors are also taking measures. Some of them promote rather strict regulations, while others prefer selective restrictions. Charlie Baker, who is the Governor of Massachusetts, issued the law according to which all the vape products are banned for four months. At the same time, Gina Raimondo (the Governor of Rhode Island) and Jay Inslee (the Governor of Washington) banned only flavored electronic cigarettes in their states.

The Other Side of the Issue

Even though the issue with the vaping market seems to be apparent at first, many people consider the severe restrictions to be devastating in the long run. Accurately, the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionreported that “The latest findings from the investigation into lung injuries associated with e-cigarette use, or vaping, suggest products containing THC play a role in the outbreak.”

At the same time, the corresponding health agency announced that “The specific chemical exposure(s) causing lung injuries associated with e-cigarette product use, or vaping, remains unknown at this time.” It most likely that the harm is related to street vapes and not to e-cigarettes.

In such a way, Minton claims that the decision to apply all the severe limits to e-cigarettes is not the best idea as it can have drastic consequences. The point is that banning all vaping production can be the reason why people start using the services of the black market.

When one cannot find one’s favorite best vape pen, he can quickly shift to the black market to get some e-cigarette or cannabis. The black market prospers when the item’s price is unreasonably high, or it is simply unavailable on the legal market.

Human nature makes one search for different ways to get the needed product or service, even if it is illegal. An excellent example of such behavior is the constitutional ban on alcoholic beverages. When governments are trying to stop citizens from drinking, they are trying to find any possible ways to produce, distribute, and sell alcoholic drinks. The ban was completely ineffective: people did not stop drinking liquor, while the black market received a boost.

Final Thought

The reality is that e-cigarettes will not disappear from the marketplace. Therefore, it is fair enough to leave items that are safer for people’s health. The research used as the evidence demonstrates the impact of specific vape production on people’s health. However, one cannot but mention that there are so many blind spots regarding the topic left. Severe limits can become the reason for the boost of the black market, while people’s deaths and illnesses will remain.