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The hallmark of any cafe, bar, restaurant, nightclub, or any other establishment is its interior. Chairs are no less important for the design like walls and lightning. Most visitors pay attention to chairs when choosing a place for a pleasant stay. They should match the general style of the room, be original and durable.

Types of Modern Bar Stools

There is not a single bar stool that can at least be considered comfortable for a long sitting. Leaning back will not work - sometimes there is no back at all. However, almost every commercial bar stool on has a back to create at least some comfort for the visitors of the establishment.

This furniture is always tall, as it is attached to the bar counter. Standard-height chairs and stools won’t work here. There are usually two sizes of bar chairs:

  1. Bh (the highest);
  2. Th (medium-high).

In order to sit on them, one can rotate the stool around the axis. The shape of the chair can vary since it is limited only by the designer’s imagination. The most common types of such furniture are the following:

  •  round;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • asymmetric;
  • barrel-shaped, etc.

Which Bar Stools Should You Choose

In order to choose the best option for your bar, we encourage you to consider the following points:

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1) Durability

The main recommendation is to get reliable chairs that will not break after a week of usage. A bar is a place of entertainment, and drunken visitors do not always carefully treat the furniture. It’s better to buy durable items that can be used for more than one year. Therefore, reliable construction should be an important purchase criterion. Metal or plastic shockproof chairs are the most suitable.

2) Size

It is necessary to decide on the size: for this purpose, you need to measure the height of your bar counter. Multifunctional options with a lifting mechanism are suitable for any bar since these chairs can be lowered and raised easily.

3) Hardness

You also need to choose the proper seat hardness. There are three possible types:

  • hard (no upholstery);
  • semi-rigid (upholstered);
  • soft (with filling and upholstery).

4) Design

The last option most often resembles tall narrow chairs that can provide some comfort to people sitting in them. The cost of such stools is usually higher than regular chairs. If you want to make your nightclub as popular as possible, offer visitors several types of chairs to choose from. Today there are sets of similar furniture with different seat sizes. The design and upholstery are the same, but the width and length are different.

5) Color and shape

The color, shape, and type of material should also be seriously considered. Metal and plastic are more durable, while fabric and leather are more comfortable. Bar stools of unusual shape and bright colors create a special mood in the room and will immediately catch the eye.

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We hope that our tips will help you make the right choice. Please, feel free to leave your questions and comments below.