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In recent months, police officers in the USA have been accused of using unnecessary or excessive force against civilians. The issue has received a lot of media coverage. Just start reading a newspaper, and you will come across police brutality articles. It has fueled some major politicians and social movements. The goal of this post is to explain the causes of police brutality. Here we will also try to discuss various aspects of public brutality. We hope this post will help you understand the topic better, and you will write a good paper.

Police Brutality

Reading is the best way to gain knowledge about something. The more you read, the better your writing will become. Before you start writing you research, you should read at least one police brutality essay. If possible, see some more examples. Finding essays on the topic is super easy. Just do a little bit of research, and you will find numerous free essays online.

Writing is something deeply personal. Your writing is determined by your knowledge and taste. But it is also true that every good writer is a good reader. There is no alternative to reading. Now we will discuss what you need to know about writing an essay on police brutality. Keep reading!

Write a great thesis statement

Before you write a thesis statement, read lots of news and analyze statistic data. Formulating your research question is a lot easier when you have enough analytical material.

If you have a particular position and take a stance, make sure you defend your position with hard data. Make your point of view acceptable and convince your readers.

Note that police brutality is a debatable issue. So, no matter which essay you read, take the opinion with a grain of salt. If you have a particular position and take a stance, make sure you defend your position with hard data. Make your point of view acceptable and convince your readers.

That is part of the reason why it is so important to write a good thesis statement. If you clearly know what the main idea is, you will not lose track. As you write, you will stay focused. That is also a good way to set the expectations of your readers.

Gathers facts and find relationships between them. Make sure the evidence you have is enough to support your working thesis. The statement should not be more than a couple of sentences. Do not use vague words and generic arguments. If you are a college student, do not hesitate to get help from your teacher.

Research questions to investigate

If you are a regular reader of current news and essays, you probably have some questions about police brutality. If you need some more research questions, keep reading. We are going to give you some ideas for making research questions.

  • What is the best way to stop police brutality?
  • Why does police brutality take place in the first place?
  • Why are cops in the United States so violent and brutal?
  • What consequences do police officers have to face for being brutal?
  • Does race play a role in police brutality?
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Be careful about structure

What does writing a good essay actually mean? Well, it means organizing your ideas into an argument that is logical. To create new ideas, you have to conduct your research, gather evidence, and use mind mapping and brainstorming techniques.

The structure of your essay can be linear. Organize your ideas and try not to present multiple ideas at a time. Make sure it carries a message to your audience. Take your reader’s logic into consideration.

Is there any set formula? The answer is a no! The formula depends on the claim you are trying to make. If you need some ideas, do some research online. You will find numerous free examples.

Finding the best structure

When you are writing an academic paper, the structure can be comparative, thematic, chronological, or by context. To create a complex structure, you can combine these generic structures. Just make sure that your essay has an introduction, body and conclusion. Now we are going to discuss how you can write these parts.

When you are writing an essay on police brutality, start from a general statement and then move to the specific. Make it as engaging as possible so that your reader feels obliged to complete it. The opening sentence should be broad enough, and it should have a background. You can start the introduction with statistics, an interesting fact, or a provocative question.

To answer the question, state a thesis. How are you going to develop your argument? Provide the reader with some hints. To make it easy for your reader to follow the argument, mention the major ideas. The body part should contain explanations, ideas, relevant evidence, and analysis. Make sure there is the main point in each body paragraph.

  • Write a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Provide additional information to explain your ideas.
  • Cite examples to support your claims.
  • Interpret and analyze your evidence and show why it is significant for your argument.
  • The last sentence of each paragraph should be a transition sentence.

Now let’s discuss a thing or two about the conclusion. Move from a general in this part. Make the conclusion powerful and give your readers a sense of completion. They should have the feeling that they have completed a good job. Restate the thesis and discuss possible implications. If you think further research is needed, provide suggestions.

Final thoughts

Police brutality is not a pleasant topic at all. It is a critical issue. It is related to interpersonal and social issues, so you have to be very careful when writing your essay. Make sure you cover all possible reasons as well as the potential consequences. Before you start working on your essay, read other articles and learn as much as possible.