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How to Fix Driveway Cracks

Did you know that curb appeal can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home? Curb appeal is how your home appears from the outside from the street, and it can be the ticket to attracting buyers if you are in the process of selling a home. Even if you aren’t selling your home soon, curb appeal matters because it can help your house look its best. Your front yard and front door is an important part of curb appeal, and that goes for your driveway and front walkway too. If your driveway is cracked and could use a little TLC, you might not have to go through an entire repaving project. There are some ways to fix it, that can up your curb appeal with a small home improvement project.

When to repair yourself

Take a look at your driveway and see which category you fall into before consulting with a professional or heading off to your home improvement store.

The first question is what you need to do to take care of that cracked driveway or walkway? Take a look at your driveway and see which category you fall into before consulting with a professional or heading off to your home improvement store. Very fine surface cracks, or crazing, could happen when your concrete dries too fast. These can usually be fixed with a resurfacing product that puts a thin layer over the cracks, after you do a thorough clean with a pressure washer. Cracks under 1/4-inch wide may not be a problem until water gets into them, or if they get frozen and expand. You can usually repair these before they turn into a bigger problem.

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When to call in the pros

Deep cracks over 1/4-inch wide usually signal more serious problems. ​​Uneven cracks bigger than an inch wide occur more often in older driveways and this is when you’ll want to call in the pros. When you have structural issues this not only detracts from curb appeal, it also could be hazardous to the integrity of your home.

A DIY way to fill cracks

The best time to tackle your driveway is when the forecast calls for dry weather and it isn’t too hot, with your concrete at around 50 degrees F. Before you apply filler you’ll want to break up any old concrete patch materials with a hammer or masonry chisel and pull any weeds or debris, too. Pressure washing with concrete cleaning solution can get rid of mold and dirt to make your adhesive stick better. You’ll want to let everything dry before you start filling any cracks. Which product you choose will depend on a few factors. If you have a lot to patch, a dry concrete mix or concrete patching compound can work well. For big or deep cracks, a compound with gravel can be the answer. You can take photos of your driveway and ask for advice at your home improvement store to see what might be the best solution.

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A cracked driveway doesn’t have to mean an expensive repair project. It could be that you can make your driveway or front walkway look like new with just a trip to the home improvement store and a weekend project.