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Happiness is often a term that we cannot put meaning to. We like to give it a material shape or an emotional experience, but never really get into the meaning of being happy. Is it a loud laugh that you nearly choke on or is it the inevitable smile?

Living through our lives, we all discover an abyss of emptiness and contempt. And anything that we can use to fill that up, we call happiness, which is somewhat true.

Living through our lives, we all discover an abyss of emptiness and contempt.

This longing to fill the empty squares of our lives up has us running after everything. We think at times it is wealth that is going to be an ultimate answer to all our desires or relationships that are perfect in nature. But are they really?

Well, no one knows the answer to that question better than you. Maybe you’ve winded yourself in a religious 9-5 routine or have been away from heartfelt moments for long enough to lose sight of makes you happy. But deep down, you always know.

Although my interpretation may not be the perfect one but I do know about a few things that snap me back into reality and away from my negative thoughts. So here are some of the ways that I find the most helpful in bringing joy to my life.

Focus On The Positive In Life

It is perhaps an overused statement but all for a due reason. You’ve often seen countless posts, quotes, and sayings that tell you to inspire and look for positivity around you. Even though some of them leave us thinking deep for a while, how many times have you actually made it a mantra for yourself?

The fact that you eventually get what you seek is both, beautiful and tragic. Feelings of unhappiness stem from the never-ending thoughts of envy, worry, and self-pity. Subconsciously, we are all in a constant comparison against someone and despise our fate to have put us where we are.

Knowing this makes our choice a much simpler one. Because when we practice gratitude and accept all the blessings that we have, we feel the joy that we have been neglecting. So you got a place you can crash at and four wheels to move you around? YAY!

Watch Your Diet

Our diet always has a lot to do in making us feel happy. Ever wondered why you simply forget everything when downing a double quarter pounder? Or why taco Tuesday always sounds like a fun idea?

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The closest you stay to the natural food items, the less stress you put on your metabolic system. But if you feel excessively exhausted and want an instant boost in your mood, using red maeng da can prove to be very helpful.

It is a natural herbal extract found in the South Asian areas and is possible to order kratom. Or you can include chamomile tea in your routine for somewhat similar effects.

Fill Your Life With Meaningful Relationships

Humans by nature are dependent on the support of others, even the most introverted ones. We seek to find people that accept us and understand us, but they may not always be the people that inspire the good and happiness in you.

Ever hung out with a cheerful person and ended coming home exhausted? That is because energies transfer from one person to another.

Whether it is a friend, colleague, family, or partner, you should always spend more time with the ones that bring out the best in you. Being there and pleasing everyone is a humanitarian act but an exhausting and impossible one.

A good relationship goes a long way. Yes, there are going to be ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you will always have something worth fighting for and worth getting back up for.

Spend Wisely

I will not be too wrong in assuming that most of us think happiness is in having more wealth. But for what I’ve seen and experienced, it is in utilizing what you already have to it’s the best potential.

When you start spending the money you have on the things that actually excite you like traveling, sports, camping, hunting, or even going to concerts, you get to have a lot to cherish. Why do you think you always remember your first kiss, your first concert, the first time you went to a beach, or the first time you skydived?

Happiness is to be found in moments and not in possession. Yes, they do count the point of comfort and relaxation but luxury is not survival. Bring the child in you back out and get more involved in the activities that you once loved to do, now is the best time!

Enjoy The Little Things In Life

We learn it quite late in life but life really is in the little things. Take your time out to celebrate the small victories and commend yourself for doing so.

Running after a big goal is inspirational but after a while, it all gets down to the accomplishment of that one thing. Whereas the entire journey towards that goal should be memorable.

You finished deleting five hundred emails that have been bugging you for a while, great job! By setting rewards for your small achievements and milestones, you will be more motivated in the long journey and in good spirits.