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As you are doing the job online, online meeting with your clients, partners, and colleagues might be inevitable. If that’s the case, the transcription can be the most important thing to do whenever you are participating in the particular meeting. Folks have been nodding about the importance of transcriptions because professionals want to retain all of the important information. To make an effective online meeting, you will want to record and transcribe your meeting so that you can revisit and review it later.

If you have been looking for the best way to record a video meeting and be more productive, you’ve come to the right page since we are going to show you the exact way to do it.

Gone are the days for folks who manually recorded the online meeting. To isolate the information, you’ll need to spend hours to attain the particular information you want to reserve. Instead, you could use automatic recording service.

There are automatic note taking apps revolving around on the net. But the best one to take is Notiv note taking app. Notiv is an AI-backed note taking software that can automatically record and transcribe your online meeting in any compatible platforms including Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Zoom, and so on.

Recording A Video Meeting with Notiv

Notiv can sync to various conferencing tools such as Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Zoom, Slack, WebEx, and many morre. But to set up and prepare for the video meeting recording, the method iseasy and straightforward to comprehend.

There are only few steps to take to record the video meeting with Notiv app.

Although there are different options of integration, the method of linking Notiv with your online conferencing tool is just the same.

First things first, you just need to register an account in Notiv. Notiv offers both free and paid options to its customers. You could use the Free version first if you want to try the and assess the service first.

Anyway, let’s presume that you have registered an account and pick your plan from Notiv.

You are going to need to prepare your conferencing tool. Whether you are using Google Meet, Zoom, or others, it does not matter. It is very easy to set it up.

Notiv integrates with variety of video conferencing. Although there are different options of integration, the method of linking Notiv with your online conferencing tool is just the same.

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As usual, you willw ant to schedule your meeting first. In conferencing apps like Zoom or Google Meet, you can reserve the link for the upcoming meeting. Copy it to the clipboard.

Then open your Microsoft or Google Calendar. Then, you will need to paste the invite link in the Title, Location, or Description section. BAM. Notiv will immediately recognize it as an inivitation to join the meeting. This app will join in the upcoming meeting through the mentioned platform.

For Google Meet, Notiv will require dial in details in order to join. So, don’t forget to add the dial details as well in the particular field.

And then, the third step involves the setting inside the Notiv app. You will want to go to Notiv app, then turn on the app. Make sure that you toggle Notiv on so that it will automatically join the meeting, then record and transcribe the meeting overally.

Notiv will send the Daily Digest email and notifications to all of the meeting participants. So, you won’t need to manually inform your fellow meeting mates to let them know about the meeting.

Right on the designated date and time, Notiv will join the meeting in your conferencing platform. Let’s say that Notiv joins in your Google Meet meeting session. It will dial in as a participant. In common cases, Notiv always comes the first before the other meeting attendees.

From the starting point of the meeting, Notiv will record everything that happens in the meeting. After the session ends, Notiv will take some time to process the google meet recording. When the recording and transcription are ready, you will receive email notification from the particular provider.

What else you can reap besides video recording?

Besides the audio and video recording, Notiv also comes up with the transcripts. These transcripts are equipped with the highlights, key points, as well as executive summaries. In a nutshell, it is a complete package that allows you to save more time and effort in reviewing your meeting with your team.

Notiv, throug its key points, present you to the core of the information fetched in your meeting. It will give you the opportunities to discuss the discussion points.

You don’t have to spend hours listening the audio and watching the video to find out the particular topic or discussion that you want to check. You don’t need to do that. Notiv has native quick search feature which allows you to find specific content just by using a phrase or singular keyword. All you need to do is to type the keyword, and the result will show up in millisecond. Therefore, you don’t need to waste your time watching the whole video to find it out.

Notiv can operate like your digital assistant. Since it is synchronizing with your Google or Microsoft Calendar, you can go for extra miles. Notive will compile daily digest that will keep updating all of the meeting participants. Not only that, this app can also send the meeting reminders. All is done automatically without you lifting a finger. The meeting reminders will keep your meeting participants reminded of the upcoming meeting. They will be able to attend the meeting on time.

The Notiv flexibility

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Notiv note taking app has such great flexibility. This transcription service comes up with abundant feature in a way that the owner pf the project and its participants will have the full access without any hassle or problem. With a single click,you can easily review and revisit the documents of the meeting anytime and anywhere you want. Whether it is read-only or editable file, you can specifically isolate the information and share it to the particular users who are in need.

Notiv can be integrating with wide array of apps. You could visit its official page to see if you can sync it with your conferencing tool.