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Driving is total fun, but not when you are new to driving or you’ve recently witnessed a fatal car crash. Such awful experiences can make your teenager develop a driving phobia, and in worst cases, become a bad driver.

The good news is that there are incredible ways to help your scared teenager overcome the fear of driving and avoid car crashes. Although Utah collision repair can help restore your car in case of a crash, here are ways to teach your teen to drive and avoid getting crashed in the first place.

1. Introduce Them to Driving Early

There are benefits of starting early, both in driving and other life goals. For instance, your teenager will have the confidence to start the car engine if he/she has previously interacted with it.

Starting early doesn’t mean letting your child drive straight from kindergarten. Instead, you should introduce your child to the car to build familiarity and hence remove the fear of driving when the right time comes. To achieve this, let them touch the steering wheel when the engine is off, name car parts, turn windscreen wipers on and off, and operate the music system.

2. Enroll Them to a Driving School

The risk of car crashes is highest among teenagers. To give you an idea, more than 280,000 American teens were treated in the emergency rooms due to car crashes in 2018, as per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is because most teen drivers care less about road safety regulations, and often tend to make wrong driving decisions.

However, taking a driving course will give your teen the right driving knowledge of road safety measures. With right training, the teenager will become more confident to drive on the road.

3. Take Them Through Practice

Your teenager possibly knows how to drive, but the driving phobia is still holding them back, probably because they don’t believe in themselves. In such a situation, regular practice can help them overcome the fear of driving.

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You can ask them to drive you to the park, or go for a joyride in a less populated area. With time, your teenager will develop the confidence to drive on the road.

4. Be With Them in the Car

It is perfectly normal to feel somewhat nervous when you are all alone in the car, especially if you have little or no driving experience. This is probably the same way your teenager feels when you leave them alone. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), teenage drivers are more likely to cause road accidents when carrying teen passengers.

Ensure you accompany your teen during driving and offer moral support in case they are scared. You can also teach them safe driving by warning them whenever they exceed the speed limits or make a bad driving decision.

5. Help Them Manage Stress

It’s crucial to remain calm and sober especially when your teen is under stress. You should teach your teenager to get used to all situations.

Stress management can come in handy when there is heavy traffic and you’re running late. With good stress management, your teen will be able to keep calm and continue driving safely no matter the stress they are under.

6. Let Them Drive in Different Road and Weather Conditions

To turn your teenager into a good driver, take them to practice driving in different weather and road conditions.

Take the teen to a packed parking lot and let them learn how to drive in the rain, in snow, and even on ice.

Final Thoughts

A scared teen driver is a ticking bomb waiting to cause a fatal crash on the road. These tips can help keep fear at bay and mold your teenager into a safe driver. The bottom line is to keep reassuring and supervising them whenever they go driving. In case none of these works, seek advice from a professional.