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Writing essays is an essential part of learning and expressing one’s emotions and ideas. For this reason, essay writing has become an integral part of educational institutions. Most reputable high-end tertiary institutions require that their prospective students write an essay on why they selected the educational institution as a place of study. This essay goes a long way to determine whether or not you get into college. Many students fail to scale through this due to a lack of basic knowledge on how to piece together an amazing “why this college” essay.

How to Write Why This College Essay

These sorts of essays help an educational institution access your knowledge and enthusiasm for the school. It also provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the goals you wish to achieve while in college. Here are helpful tips to guide you on how to go about writing an exemplary why this college essay.

Understand the Concept Behind Why this College Essays

The first step to writing a quality "why this college essay" is to understand the concepts behind it. What does a tertiary institution hope to achieve with such an essay? Knowing the answer to this question helps you identify both the structure and points colleges look out for in such write-ups. Here is typical information colleges hope to find in your write up.

  • Your view of what sets the educational institution apart from the rest.
  • If your values align with those of the school.
  • A reason to suggest that you would be an asset to the school.

Reviewing free essay examples written by professionals is often the best and most effective approach to learning how to write why this college essay. Prospective college students often employ the services of and other essay writing services in a bid to improve their writing skills. The free essay samples provide students with a template they employ in improving their writing skills.

Do Ample Research About the Educational institution

To write an essay, a writer needs to have a genuine interest in its topic, theme, or concept. The great thing about "why this college " essay is that you are writing them for an educational institution you are passionate about. This naturally helps transcends your emotions into your writing style.

Begin research work on useful information about the school. There are various methods that a student can apply when conducting such research work, some of which include the following.

Visit the Campus Grounds Itself

Take the time out to take the campus tour. Some educational institutions now offer prospective students virtual tours that provide ample information on the school. Explore the faculty building, libraries, laboratories, etc. Interact with both the students and the academic staff of the educational institution.

Interview an Alumni of Your Preferred College

Meet-up with alumni and get a firsthand narration on what your potential school it's all about.

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Perform Both Online and Offline Research

Read up on the educational institution's goals and objectives. What have been the highlights of the college since its inception? Go through the school's brochure and familiarize yourself with its customs. Other resources you could source out information includes the college newspaper, the alumni magazine, and a simple search engine query.

Throughout your research work, you must take notes of aspects of your potential college that you find fascinating.


Pick Out Relevant and Thought-Provoking Points or Arguments

After performing your research work, review the points and arguments you noted. Select the points you feel are most suitable to capture the heart of the screening team. Create an outline, structuring the essay, including its introduction, contents, and conclusion.

Begin Your Write-up

Using your outline as a guide, begin writing your essay. Keep a friendly but formal undertone. After completing your essay, the next step is to review it. Look out for spellings and grammar errors. This is where online writing aids such as a free essay checker comes into play.

Keep things simple and evaluate your essay if it meets the objectives you aimed to achieve. Are your points understandable, or could you rephrase them for better readability? Did you miss stating some arguments? Factor in such questions before writing up your final draft.

The key points to keep in mind that help students learning how to write why this college essay is to avoid making false statements in a bid to impress. Keep statements factual and relevant in your write-up.

Linda Heard