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Hunter Johnson

If you aren’t familiar with him already, entrepreneur Hunter Johnson might be the individual responsible for those targeted ads showing up on your phone and in your email. You may be wondering, what does that mean? Well, Hunter invented an internet algorithm that has outsmarted some of the most advanced platforms out there, including Google Ads. At only 22 years old, he entered the field of information aggregation. Hunter created an algorithm to compile everything on the internet about any given person- for instance, you.

With his algorithm, everything including a person’s social media profiles, such as Instagram and Facebook, past addresses, phone numbers, emails, criminal history, and even a person’s own personal interests based on their searches and activities. Kind of a big deal, right?

From his programming knowledge to how he innovates market trends, the digital marketing expert is in a league of his own.

After creating this advanced programming, Hunter quickly jumped on the opportunity to capitalize on his knowledge and skills. Now, he provides the algorithm as a service that businesses and individuals can subscribe to use. It’s safe to say that it was an instant success. His information aggregation services earn him a net worth of more than $700,000 per month on just subscription revenue alone.

This algorithm, however, was just the beginning. In addition to his subscription service, Hunter has launched a variety of his own businesses. He is known for identifying profitable business models, imitating them, and then using artificial intelligence-based marketing to outbid his competitors. In order to run his businesses successfully and keep them as lucrative as possible, Hunter cuts costs by sourcing his teams online.

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“It is incredibly easy to compile a team using online freelance marketplaces,” he says. “I always have all of my workers offshore as they have much better work ethics and work at far cheaper prices.”

Hunter originally decided to pursue a career in this industry because he read about a man that was able to outpace Facebook in his early years, offering similar subscription-based services.

“The attractive part about this business is due to it being so technologically intensive, the barrier to entry for other competitors is incredibly high once I enter the space and drive ad prices up,” Hunter says. “Beyond that, once everything is set up the business runs itself fully automated. At this point, I could do absolutely nothing and my company would still process millions of dollars in sales throughout the year.”

According to Hunter, the biggest challenge when entering this field of business is simply how complex the computer science is behind systems like this. “Had I not been programming for 10-plus years prior to attempting to break into this space, it is unlikely that I would have been so effective.”

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Despite the immense obstacles, countless trial and error attempts, and hard work over the years, Hunter has never stopped striving for more. The most impressive part? Hunter is only approaching his mid-twenties and is still in the very early stages of his career. We’re certain to see much more from him in the coming years.