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Iceland isn’t your typical island experience; this amazing land is full of natural formations so fantastic, you might just feel like you’ve walked into an imaginary land. Photographers and travelers from around the world are attracted to Iceland, and you’ll see why for yourself when you come here for your next vacation. It’s the chance to get up close to countless natural wonders, while still being in a place with contemporary style, rich culture, and excellent modern accommodation. Traveling is always a special experience, and here are some ideas for what you could do for any occasion that brings you to the magical country of Iceland.

Icelands Fairytale Magic

Family Vacation

Photographers and travelers from around the world are attracted to Iceland, and you’ll see why for yourself when you come here for your next vacation.

With an excellent diversity in activities and attractions, Iceland is a great family destination since everyone can find something of interest. In the capital city of Reykjavik there are many excellent accommodation options as well as numerous historic and entertainment sites. You can visit the various museums of the city and the impressive Hallgrímskirkja, which is the tallest building in the country and one of Iceland’s most iconic landmarks, perfect for taking photographs. Farther to the north is the charming city of Akureyri, known for its excellent skiing resorts and cultural activity. Here you can enjoy a more secluded atmosphere while still being surrounded by modern shopping centers and fun entertainment options.

Icelands Fairytale Magic

Destination of Romance

If you’re traveling together with your significant other, maybe for an anniversary celebration or perhaps you’re planning a special setting for a proposal, Iceland is a great place to come. There are plenty of fun activities on Iceland you can do together, like ride island horses along the black sand beaches or hike to see some of the stunning waterfalls. Maybe you’re hoping for a bit of adventure while you travel, in which case you could go to Vatnajökulll National Park, which is known for its glaciers and ice formations like the Skaftafell Ice Cave. It’s certainly guaranteed to get you some unique pictures of your trip and celebration together. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see some of Iceland’s famous northern light displays while on vacation.

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Icelands Fairytale Magic

Solo Adventure

Everyone needs a break from the rigors and demands of daily life, and Iceland provides the perfect escape. Kick back and relax in the hot spring spas of the Blue Lagoon, which are naturally heated by the geothermal activity of Iceland. Another more adventurous place to find geothermal springs is at the Askja volcano caldera, with an impressive 50 square kilometer area filled with a stunning blue lake. If you like hiking and outdoor exploration, Iceland has plenty of places to visit, including other volcanoes such as Mount Esja, not far from Reykjavik and known for its excellent views out over the capital.

Increasing in tourist popularity, you’ll understand why so many people have decided to travel to Iceland when you come yourself for vacation. The magical atmosphere and other-worldly landscape give the entire island a mythical quality you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The professional photographers at Localgrapher have an insider’s knowledge about how to preserve these unique characteristics in photographs, making sure that you come away from your trip with pictures that capture all the best parts in pictures for you to cherish.

Icelands Fairytale Magic

Michal Simrak