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Peace begins with us and how we raise our children. Sadly, too many regions of the world face long-standing turmoil, and it is a difficulty, too many people are forced to face. As families fight for the ability to thrive and raise their children in such tumultuous regions, organizations step in to give them the support they need to plant the seeds of peace. International real estate broker Ido Berniker understands this as he expands his philanthropic work and partners with Children of Peace, a non-profit focused on building trust and friendship between Israeli and Palestinian children.

Ido Berniker

Born in Israel, Ido Berniker made his fortune in real estate after moving to New York in 2007. Being well-known for his ability to master the market, Berniker has closed some of the most expensive deals in the city, including One57, 432 Park, 220 Central Park, and the Plaza Hotel Residences. Not content to stop at New York, Berniker has also closed some of the highest-profile properties in London and Miami. Hard work has brought Berniker tremendous success, but as he received more opportunity, he was inspired to share that with the world, primarily the world he came from.

Headquartered in Great Britain, Children of Peace aims to foster trust between the children of each country through relationship building.

"​Children of Peace immediately caught my attention with their mission of building trust and reconciliation between the children of Isreal and Palestine," says Berniker. "Peace relies on how we raise our children, and it's time to raise them with love for each other instead of hate." As an Israeli native, this conflict is personal to Berniker. "I look forward to a world where our children can live in peace instead of fear," he explains.

Headquartered in Great Britain, Children of Peace aims to foster trust between the children of each country through relationship building. Launched in London in 2005, the organization seeks to protect all children of all faiths from the devastating effects of conflict. It is about creating a better environment for the next generation. Children of Peace, in alignment with their mission, refuses to take sides. The organization reaches children through the arts, sports, healthcare, and education and works with an extensive network of community-based organizations in the Middle East.

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Children of Peace operates with support from prominent world leaders, including Pope Francis, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Tony Blair, and Nicolas Sarkozy. "Growing up in the Middle East, I saw the toll conflict takes on people living on both sides," says Berniker. "Sowing harmony begins with reaching both sides and uniting them towards a future of peace, if not for us then for our children. They deserve better." Berniker is passionate about this cause. He believes that as we rise in our personal lives and careers, we can also lift others. "My work might be in real estate, but my heart believes in peace," he explains. As Children of Peace works towards a better future, Ido Berniker hopes to continue to work alongside them.