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The United States of America has always had a very close relationship with the casino. When people are asked to think of the casino capital of the world, most would automatically think of Las Vegas. But it’s not just Nevada. The casino has pervaded across the States. As attitudes to gaming and entertainment venues have changed throughout the country, permitting more states to allow casino-related activities, how has this shaped how America sees casinos and gambling in general?

The History of Vegas

While regulations differed for casinos and other gambling activities, Las Vegas remained one of the primary destinations for casinos,

Originally established when the railway provided a connection between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, Las Vegas’s position as a casino mecca stemmed from the city becoming the main residence and entertainment hub for construction workers building the Hoover Dam. While regulations differed for casinos and other gambling activities, Las Vegas remained one of the primary destinations for casinos, especially from the mid-1960s when Howard Hughes began building resorts in the city. Once upon a time, casinos and Las Vegas were synonymous with one another. But that changed.

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Modern Methods

Today, however, there is a different attitude towards casinos and gambling. This is largely down to the fact that the online casino industry has taken off in such a way through the 2000s. When you look to play slots online at Betfair, for instance, you are immediately faced with a wall of slot games, spanning topics and themes, and boasting top animation and enthralling gameplay. To have such access to the casino in the palm of your hand has helped change the accessibility levels of the industry.

As markets opened up across the States for gambling and other kinds of casino activity, Las Vegas lost some of its hold as an entertainment destination. Other resorts from Colorado to the border of Canada at Niagara Falls and down in Atlanta and Charlotte began to attract tourists and a different breed of entertainment. Casinos and a Vegas trip was a status symbol and often the go-to getaway for the rich, famous, and privileged. Yet, there have been many ways in which accessibility into the industry has created a level playing field.

Image of the Casino

Riverboats and Reservations

Many Americans also associate casinos and gambling with Native American reservations. Similarly, riverboat casinos have also long provided an entertainment destination on the water. So, attitudes to gambling in America are still traditional. Riverboats, reservations, and Vegas are staples of America since its emancipation from the British, so there is a nostalgic view towards the industry.

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Everyone has their own opinion on what the casino means to the average American. Some see it as an annual pilgrimage to the bright lights of the city. Others opt to play casino games online instead, finding the variety at their fingertips more conducive to their lifestyles than a big showy trip somewhere. Las Vegas may have been established several years after the development of most casino games but, for many, it remains tantamount to casinos and gambling in the USA.