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There is a large number of non-profit, government, educational and dedicated organizations who tend to help drug addicts across the United States. The aim of these agencies or organizations is not only to create awareness among drug addicts but also to help them get rid of addiction through proper medical treatments and therapies.

Increasing Numbers of Drug Addicts

These agencies receive fund from the state and federal governments, as well as wealthy people. Their mission is to bring positivity in everyone’s life; for this purpose, they so side-by-side with policymakers so that effective changes can be brought to help drug addicts as well as their families.

NIH (National Institutes of Health)

The National Institutes of Health needs no introduction. It is one of those few agencies that have played a significant role in changing the fate of the world. In the United States, the representatives of this agency collaborated with the Department of Health to fulfill their duties in a better way. As of 2014, the National Institutes of Health has made over 32 centers across the country where the drug addicts are taught how to get rid of this problem easily and quickly.

Different research projects are also carried out at the national and international level, and over 140 Nobel Prize winners have received support and funds from this organization. Every year, over 30,000 Americans requiring medical assistance are on its radar. Numerous campaigns are initiated on social media to help people understand the side effects of drugs and alcohol.

NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Last but not the least, the National Institute on Drug Abuse is responsible for providing people with timely treatment and helping addicts get rid of drugs and alcohol. A large number of NIDA-funded programs focus on understanding how drug abuse can ruin one’s life and how to get rid of it within a few days. This organization tends to educate the public and help them maintain their health years after years.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

Just like the National Institutes of Health, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has played its significant role in the betterment and welfare of the whole society. This agency is mainly responsible for initiating domestic, national and international public health campaigns, helping people understand the effects of drugs and alcohol on body and brain. Not only this but also this organization tends to improve the behavioral and cognitive health of Americans. Every year, a large number of drug addicts and their families are helped free of cost by this organization.

A DUI Lawyer is sometimes hired to accomplish multiple tasks at a time. On a small-scale, free medical assistance is also available to the poor and needy individuals, communities and families. In 2014, this organization helped over 12 million people get rid of drugs and alcohol permanently. Similarly, in 2000, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration expanded its network and added more and more members to it to search on topics of physical and mental health, as well as drug abuse.

Why are school shootings so frequent in the United States?

Unlike Canada and other developed countries, the United States has been facing a lot of problems related to child protection. In recent months, a large number of incidents of school shootings have come to our notice, and it looks like the government has failed to take serious actions in this regard. Before talking about the possible reasons for school shootings, let’s try to understand what school shooting actually is.

A school shooting is a kind of mass attack that is done to kill a large number of students in schools, colleges or universities. Most often, high schools and daycare centers are targeted by terrorists. Unfortunately, hundreds to thousands of students lose their lives in such terrorist attacks. For example, in 1966, the University of Texas massacre took the lives of over 15 students. Similarly, the 1996 Dunblane massacre killed over 20 innocent children and teachers.

The main reasons for school shootings have been discussed below:

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It’s safe to say that unemployment is a big threat for today’s youngsters and qualified individuals. In the United States, a large number of fresh and experienced graduates either remain jobless for months or are forced to do low-paying jobs. The government and the politicians should take measures in this regard. Most of the jobless individuals commit crimes, school shooting is one of them, for the sake of money. They don’t care about their own lives and are ready to risk anything during a school shooting.

Mental abnormalities

Various terrorists or criminals committing this crime are mentally weak and ill. Their supervisors wash their brains in one way or the other, and they are trained to commit this crime as early as possible. Most of them are frustrated individuals who want to destroy the lives of other humans for personal satisfaction. Such problems need to be addressed by the state and federal governments before it’s too late and more and more students and teachers lose their lives in school shootings.

Drug addiction

Addiction to anything is bad, and the drug and alcohol addict cannot differentiate between right and wrong. That’s because they lose their mental capabilities and are often forced to commit crimes. In return for a crime, they are offered good amounts by the terrorist organizations. When it comes to providing these physically and mentally weak individual with guidance and proper assistance, not only a doctor but also a DUI lawyer is always forefront. Both of them can bring positive changes in their lives and help them understand how to value the humanity. This can eventually reduce the number of school shootings across the country.


Copycat is another reason for school shootings. Sometimes school managers feel jealous of one’s success, reputation, and fame. To damage their reputation, they hire a terrorist and ask them to kill students belonging to that institution, ruining its reputation in the media and public eye. Several school shootings have been the result of same problems. Unfortunately, no certain measures can be taken in this regard because we can hardly get an idea who is actually jealous of us.

Top Four Reasons Healthcare is Expensive in the U.S.

It’s safe to say that healthcare is one of the major industries in the United States of America. For both locals and tourists, however, healthcare is quite expensive. There are a lot of reasons for why this is happening in America, but before we start the list, let us check out why healthcare systems are unstable besides those so many efforts. First of all, the United States’ population has doubled as compared to the previous years. Secondly, America is a country of diverse cultures, traditions, and values. Every doctor and nurse tend to charge his or her own price for the medical assistance, and that’s a matter of great concern.

1. High administrative costs

The high administrative costs are mainly responsible for expensive healthcare services. Experts reveal that private doctors and nurses are mostly run hospitals in the United States, so they charge their own fees, ignoring the government policies and rules and regulations in this regard. Also, the administrations of different hospitals claim that they have to pay a lot regarding taxes to the government, so charging patients a lot for medical services is their right.

2. Costs of medicines

All over the country, high-quality medicines remain available throughout the year to facilitate more and more patients. However, the costs of those medicines, as well as the taxes applied to them, are out of context. Some drug addicts seek the help of a DUI Lawyer to get their voices heard. They claim that the drugs being sold to them are quite expensive and that the prices of these drugs should be reduced to an extent. Similarly, people suffering from different diseases complain about the high costs of medicines, stating that they cannot buy most of the medicines and are left helpless. Unlike other developed countries, the government of America doesn’t bother to negotiate drug prices with the policymakers and drug manufacturers. As a result, people have to suffer from high prices of medicines and addicted materials, which they cannot live without.

3. Uncertain treatment options

The U.S. medical practitioners opt for various uncertain, costly treatment options, which is why the healthcare is expensive in this part of the world. As compared to other developed states, there are no policies in America in this regard. More and more money is spent on tech-oriented treatment options, and robots which the doctors claim are the best. In simple words, we can say that there is a mix of treatment options, and patients are forced to pay heavy fees for a single treatment. It doesn’t look like the government is serious about this issue.

4. Work rules and salaries

The work rules and salaries are two main concerns of the healthcare industry that need immediate attention. It looks like there is no check and balance, and the government has failed to play its role in this regard. Most of the doctors and nurses are paid based on their qualifications and experience, but the surgeons running private clinics demand thousands of dollars for a single treatment. Besides all this, the work rules in the United States are uncertain, and new policies need to be implemented in this regard.

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