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It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Instagram or have been growing your account for many years, you’re likely to have some questions and concerns about what you’re doing. Rather than avoid your true feelings and hope for the best, it’s important to address any and all questions in a timely manner.

Instagram Marketing

For example, you may have concerns about how to turn your followers into paying customers. Or along the same lines, you may have questions about boosting conversions.

Since no two people are in the same boat in regards to how they use Instagram, it’s critical to answer FAQs as they relate to your situation. Here are five questions to address:

  1. How much time do you have to spend on Instagram marketing?

The amount of time you put into Instagram marketing will have a direct effect on your success.

Knowing how much time you spend on Instagram marketing will help you make decisions on the tasks you should tackle.

If you spend a few minutes here and there, you can’t expect to make much progress. However, if you’re spending hour after hour posting new content, taking new photos, and engaging with others, there’s a better chance that your hard work will result in more success.

Knowing how much time you spend on Instagram marketing will help you make decisions on the tasks you should tackle. After all, you only have so much time in your day for Instagram marketing. You need to make the absolute most out of every minute that’s available to you.

  1. Where can you turn for Instagram marketing help?

There are people who prefer to do everything on their own, so they rely solely on their personal resources to grow their Instagram account. And then there are those who know that they can grow their account and reach faster if they partner with the right individuals and services.

If you’re open to the idea of partnering with others for Instagram marketing help, look into your options. One of the best moves you can make is contacting a service, like ViralRace, that sells real Instagram followers. For a few dollars here and there, you can secure hundreds of even thousands of Instagram followers - and you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting yourself.

There is plenty of help to be had. Don’t be one of those people who wants total control over everything they do. Giving up a bit of power can go a long way in helping you make the most of your Instagram marketing strategy.

  1. Are you willing to spend money to make money on Instagram?

The nice thing about social media is that you can grow your accounts without spending any money. As long as you have the time, dedication, and persistence, you position yourself for success.

But there is nothing wrong with the idea of spending money to make money. For example, you can buy followers or run ads. Both of these things will set you back financially, but not nearly as much as you would like.

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If you’re willing to spend money to make money on Instagram, set a budget and stick to it. See how much progress you can make with the allotted budget, and then adjust this as you move forward with your strategy.

Once you find something that generates positive results, see if you can scale it. For example, if $100 per month is yielding 500 new followers on average, see if you can double your budget to double your follower count.

  1. What type of content resonates best with your audience?

If you don’t know what type of content resonates best with your audience, you’ll never know what to share. Sure, you may get it right every now and again, but that’s not the type of approach you want to take.

Get into the habit of tracking everything you do. For instance, when you make a new post, track the engagement rate to see how it holds up against other types of content. If something falls flat, you’ll know to avoid it in the future. But if something really pays off in terms of engagement and new followers, you’re onto something.

Take the time to find out what type of content resonates best with your audience. You won’t regret your decision to dig up this information.

  1. Do you have a system in place for tracking results?

You can fly by the seat of your pants by simply posting content on Instagram, hoping for the best, and repeating this process time after time. Or you can implement an Instagram analytics system that allows you to track you results, thus allowing you to implement a strategy based on real data.

Which do you think makes more sense?

If you’re going to spend time on Instagram, you might as well make the most of everything you do. Even if it’s a manual system for tracking results, it’s better than nothing at all. But if you want to make the most of your time and the data that’s available, use a tool, such as a business dashboard, that does the work for you.

As you track your results, you’ll find that some things work and some things don't. This allows you to adjust your strategy so you can focus on more of the good and less of the bad in the future.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many FAQs you should address as you review your Instagram marketing plan. If you like what you find by answering these questions, stick with your strategy. But if you don’t, use the information that’s not in front of you to adjust your approach.

Don’t shy away from answering these types of questions, as doing so will open your eyes to new opportunities while helping you better understand your current and past approach.

When was the last time you addressed these Instagram marketing frequently asked questions? Did you like what you found, or did it result in you making some immediate changes? Share your answers and how they impacted you in the comment section below.