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Woman-Owned Apparel Brand Ipsetic

While women represent sixty-percent of the workforce both in healthcare and the medical profession, they remain severely underrepresented in senior leadership roles, representing fifty-percent of entry-level jobs. Not only do these statistics highlight the lack of inclusion within the very core of the medical industry but they should be a cause for concern regarding the future of these institutions. At the forefront of the pandemic, first responders bear the brunt of holding the nation up in the wake of devastation regardless of personal burdens.

From New York to Los Angeles, the nation is buckling back down for a second lockdown nine months into the pandemic. Many states are renewing shutdown sanctions until January 15th, 2020, in hopes of preserving hospital beds for COVID-19 patients.

With conditions far from ideal for moms looking to enter and grow within the medical industry, many are growing concerned about how the industry’s future looks.

Smashing stereotypes and norms often perpetrated on women in healthcare comes Ipsetic LLC, ready to combat the barriers women with families face when trying to get their foot in the door.

From its conception to maturity, Ipsetic LLC prioritizes supporting mamas in healthcare by recognizing their needs, their individuality under the white lab coat, and their resilience.

From its conception to maturity, Ipsetic LLC prioritizes supporting mamas in healthcare by recognizing their needs, their individuality under the white lab coat, and their resilience.

Made by a mom in healthcare for fellow moms in healthcare, founder Jennifer Philogene is a U.S. Army veteran all about breaking the gendered glass ceiling within healthcare, the medical profession, life at home, and self-development and individuality.

With apparel that amplifies the voices and needs of fellow super-medicine-moms, Ipsetic is dedicated to setting the table for moms to be included alongside future generations where gender diversity is achieved.

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High-quality designs, prints, and accessories are a testament to the obstacles faced by a seemingly impenetrable industry as a mother. Unlike other brands, Ipsetic sets out to listen to the needs of their customers on a roadmap to success.

In fact, Ipsetic aims in the near future to help make the path a lot smoother by providing funding for grants and scholarships to mothers aiming high for a career in the medical profession. Ipsetic hopes to be able to provide additional aid that would include (but would not be limited to) covering tuition fees, financial planning, student loan repayment, and childcare costs.

With Ipsetic’s “I Am” campaign, they hope to create a community of strong super-medicine-moms to overcome existing stereotypes and norms by sharing their stories transparently in order to inspire others to commit to the same active work.

Many tend to misconstrue the meaning of feminism. The vilified version chooses the narrow lens describing a movement where women seek superiority over men. The contemporary understanding after three waves is to grant women equal opportunities for resources, promotions, and salary as their male counterparts receive.

Ipsetic’s campaign intends to spearhead tangible change within the medical industry and beyond by motivating and reassuring moms everywhere of their capacity to succeed and make their way within healthcare.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Every day as super-medicine-moms step out into the world during one of the most difficult years on record, Ipsetic lends a helping hand to cheer them on and provide them with the recognition they deserve.

A t-shirt from a brand with a mission to lift up mamas in medicine can be priceless during times of uncertainty and sorrow.

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