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As many doctors, researchers and consumers are discovering the plethora of benefits provided by CBD, there are numerous questions surrounding its legality. Is it safe for consumption? Where can you purchase it? How do you use it? In certain places the answers may vary; however, as more clinical trials and studies are conducted, the CBD market will continue to expand. Let's take a look at the current state of affairs concerning legal CBD products and prescriptions.

Is CBD Legal

What is CBD?

CBD is a Cannabinoid, or chemical compound, derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a member of the Cannabis family. What makes CBD distinct from Marijuana is that it contains less than 0.3% of a chemical called THC. THC is the compound that contains psychoactive properties, which in turn produces a feeling of being "high". This isn't the case for CBD; CBD provides health benefits without any adverse psychological effects. For this reason, it has emerged on the market as a new all natural supplement that can be used for ailments ranging for chronic pain and inflammation, to seizures, autoimmune disorders, mood disorders, heart arrhythmias, and even cancer patients.

CBD is safe for both adults and children, and surprisingly, your pets as well.

CBD is safe for both adults and children, and surprisingly, your pets as well. You can purchase CBD edibles, CBD capsules, CBD terpenes, CBD cosmetics, softgoza, and much more in various stores, dispensaries, and online as well. CBD products are versatile and can be consumed in many ways, depending on your specific needs. This is a convenience that has helped products such as CBD oil, which is the most popular form of use, gain popularity with the public.

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This question is a tricky one to answer because in certain countries, it is legal to an extent. Throughout Europe, CBD is legal in every country except Slovakia, and depending on the country there might be a stipulation that prohibits individuals from bringing in CBD products from outside of the country. It is also legal (for the most part) in other continents such as Asia and Africa, North America and South America. More specific regulations can be seen from country to country based on the newness of the legislation.

Specifically, in the United States, CBD oil and other CBD products are legal as long as the hemp plant from which CBD is extracted, contains less than 0.3% THC. In this case CBD products are legal for cultivation, transportation and sale in the US. Despite this, individual states still have their autonomy when deciding what enters their borders. Therefore, the accessibility of certain CBD oil and other products varies from state to state, with the exception of Epidiolex, a prescription drug used to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of CBD as an additive to foods or as a dietary supplement.

In the United Kingdom, CBD is legal. However, strict regulations state that even the slight traces of THC in CBD products would make it illegal to distribute. Therefore, only CBD products with 0% THC are legal for sale and consumption in the UK. There are also some loopholes as it pertains to legislation because various locations have approved the use of Cannabis and Cannabis-related products for medicinal purposes; therefore, CBD can be purchase more easily depending on your location in the UK. Online companies such as CanaBD, a UK-based CBD provider, has passed all tests and certifications that make their CBD products exceptional and highly accessible to the public.