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According to a Yahoo Finance article published last month, J.J. Hebert started MindStir Media with only $700 and has since generated millions of dollars selling his own best-selling books, book publishing and mentoring services and books for his author clients. MindStir Media is now well-regarded as an award-winning self-publishing company.

In early 2010, J.J. found himself a casualty of massive layoffs in a sales job in Corporate America. He was down to his last $700 when he decided to invest it all in offering author services through MindStir Media. His first client, Paula Wiseman, published her novel, Contingency, with MindStir and it quickly became an Amazon Best Seller. She went on to publish nine more books with J.J.’s publishing company. J.J.’s own book, Unconventional, ended up selling over 100,000 copies worldwide using his book marketing methods, so he was able to eventually reinvest some of those profits back into the company. He has helped thousands of other authors self-publish and market their books.

Numerous online news outlets recount how J.J. reached out to Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington in 2020 to grow his company even further. Kevin Harrington decided to give MindStir Media his endorsement. The endorsement turned into a partnership. These days, J.J. connects his business writer clients with Harrington through an endorsement and publishing package as well as an influencer package. Unknown authors can leverage Kevin Harrington’s name to help them grow their own brands and generate book sales.

J.J.’s partnership with Kevin Harrington has helped MindStir Media grow exponentially over the past year. Earlier in 2021, he leveraged his partnership with Harrington to also connect with award-winning actress Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of the legendary Ernest Hemingway. Like Harrington, Mariel Hemingway decided to offer up her name to qualified authors in the form of endorsements in order to promote indie authors’ books. Per several sources this month, including Influencive and Film Daily, one of her endorsements helped a 7-year-old become a #1 best-selling children’s book author on Amazon.

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“It’s my goal at MindStir Media to help indie authors rise to the top,” says Hebert. “Just because you’re a new author or one that doesn’t team up with a traditional publisher doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in obscurity. An author can use my platform at MindStir to promote her book on Amazon and other leading retailers throughout the world and even connect her book to celebrities to help amplify a book’s message.”


Indeed, J.J. Hebert’s MindStir Media has positioned itself as a top option for independent authors. Many news sources have labeled MindStir as the top or best self-publishing option, including Kev’s Best. J.J. is using his newfound fame in the publishing world to present his book publishing and marketing methods as a contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes. International Business Times also recognized him as the “Entrepreneur to Watch in 2021” for his transformative work in self-publishing.

To learn more about J.J. Hebert, go to his website and follow him on Instagram where he reaches over 100,000 followers.

Tiqua Jackson