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The multi-millionaire supercar enthusiast aims to bring his company to LA within the next few years.

Jaepark made his millions at a time in his life when most of us aren’t done partying yet. When others were frequenting nightclubs and suffering from chronic hangovers, Jaepark was perfecting his skills in the world of online marketing. An internet mogul who made his first few million designing and selling Facebook ads to more prominent firms is one exotic car enthusiast who knows the price of doing business.

Since selling his business for a multi-million-dollar deal three years ago, Jaepark has turned his attention to his collection of fast cars. As a man who loves his supercars, Jaepark has a growing collection of his own. His fleet of fast cars includes 19 high-end models. He has two Ferraris, two Lamborghinis, and a McLaren, to name but a few.

As well as all of the above, Jaepark owns two automotive businesses of his own. The first, an exotic car customization firm named Corsa Motorsport. The second, an unknown car rental firm that provides exclusive vehicles for the discerning business person. According to sources on the OC news desk, he’s been in secret talks to expand his firm into LA in the coming years.

LA Expansion Could Be in the Works

Since both of the vehicle businesses Jae Park runs are interconnected, it’s hard to ascertain precisely which one of them will expand into our sunny state… but we can speculate. 

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Jaepark’s exotic car customization company specializes in outfitting high-end cars with additions that excel past all expectations.

Jaepark’s exotic car customization company specializes in outfitting high-end cars with additions that excel past all expectations. His clients are big names in the car collector’s industry. He has seen Hollywood legends and celebrities alike pass through his doors.

His second firm, JYP Exotic Car Rental, also caters to the stars. This firm allows for the rental of high-end exotic cars to those of us holidaying in the area. Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you should have to drive an airport hire.

Both businesses are doing well, and both would make excellent additions to LA. Where he chooses to do the deal remains to be seen. 

A Self-Made Businessman

Whatever happens in the future, Jae Park is a keen businessman who we can expect will significantly influence the exotic car world in the future. A self-made man, Jaepark’s original business saw him sell pre-made ads to large companies in need of digital marketing advice. He came from humble origins to sell his $6.2 million advertising agency and start his exotic car collection as a life’s goal. After achieving his life goals, Jaepark started his car businesses as a labor of love… that’s why we have every confidence in his success, should the LA expansion come. Exotic car customization is a luxury item that would require a luxury clientele – something our celebrities would be queuing around the block to acquire. We would welcome both the trade and the increase in beautiful cars to look at.