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Reaching new heights is a metaphor for many who aspire to succeed. For Jamil Mohammed Abubakar, reaching heights is an occupation, passion, and ambition he has performed extraordinarily.

Jamil Mohammed Abubakar

Abubakar is a commercial pilot, having 11 years of experience in this field. His passion for flying planes has led him into opening his own NGO, the JMD foundation. The foundation helps in training young pilots who could not afford or access the conventional sources of training. It enables them to start their career as a pilot, and reach new heights, literally. His love for flying has led him to become a role model for the young generation and lead by example through dedication and hard work. The foundation has done tremendous work in the field and has successfully trained many youngsters, impacting their lives and bringing a positive change by fulfilling their ambitions. His public love for flying planes is not a hidden fact, and he openly declares his passion by training new generations with this expertise. Abubakar has continuously been giving back to the society since he gained the expertise and hasn't once left an opportunity to help others achieve their passion.

Born in Gusao, the 34-old-year-old did his BSc Hons in computing information systems and multimedia, from Kingston University in 2009.

Born in Gusao, the 34-old-year-old did his BSc Hons in computing information systems and multimedia, from Kingston University in 2009. He also worked in Aerostar Training LLC. He was also received an Honorary award for his role in the Kingston University. By following his love and passion for flying, Abubakar has become a huge name in the African community. "I always wanted to serve people," says Abubakar when asked why he chose his occupation. It brings him immense happiness and joy to serve people, which is why he serves as a philanthropist today. Today, Abubakar is successfully operating as an experienced pilot, fulfilling his love for flying, and working as a philanthropist through his NGO by training and mentoring young and ambitious minds in Nigeria "It brings me so much joy to see people safe, healthy and happy. I'm a pilot and philanthropist by virtue of the love I have for humanity and serving people", says Abubakar. He is also happily married to Princess Fatima Dangote Abubakar, daughter of the investor, Aliko Dangote, who is the richest man in Africa. He balances his personal, professional, and social life elegantly, enabling him to excel in his career, work for the society, and live a happily married life.

Through his dedication, hard work, and passion, Abubakar has inspired and successfully shaped many lives of the younger generation. His journey and philanthropy serve as a great example to the world today.

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