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Jason Cohen

Myriads of people operate the E-commerce market day in and day out. Likewise, Jason Cohen and Steve Valdivia also gave it a try and started an E-commerce store on Amazon in hope to make the most out of this space. Gradually, they found themselves minting money in this field and seeing all their hard work turn into a sweet smell of success. 

Well, success does attract people. And accordingly, they had a number of people coming to them with so many questions in their head. After having witnessed the success of Jason Cohen and Steve Valdivia’s efforts, their family as well as friends gained a lot of fascination with the kind of work they were doing. Every other person around them wanted to have their own E-commerce store and figure out what success in this field would look like. With the increasing amount of people coming to them, Jason Cohen and Steve Valdivia knew exactly what they had to do now. 

This company was a blessing in disguise for all who wanted to start with their own E-commerce store.

Keeping a keen interest to help people, they decided to bring a twist in their life by establishing “Next Automated” that provided Automation services on Amazon. This company was a blessing in disguise for all who wanted to start with their own E-commerce store. Next Automated was founded with the vision to help people earn passive income and not be running in a tiresome 9 to 5 circle. This foundation would help people to make a quick buck right from their comfort zone without having to struggle with files, papers, desks and of course the boss! They had discovered the most convenient way with which people could earn an income right from their home.

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Next Automated came with one main mission and that was creating a smooth experience for all their clients by not only starting the store for the client but also scaling it for them. Jason Cohen and Steve Valdivia wanted their clients to undergo a minimum of effort and earn a maximum of gains. They genuinely look forward to giving their clients a stress free online business where their clients sit back and watch the sales happen for them. How convenient would it be to have someone take the painstaking responsibility while you sit on your sofa and witness the magic that unfolds for you and quite distinctly, Next Automated did not shy away from taking that responsibility. 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The E-commerce industry certainly has many intricate paths in order to reach the true destination. It requires a right ‘roadmap’ to be guided to your destination without being lost in the process. Next Automated found itself being that ‘roadmap’ so that their clients are not lost while they reach their destination. We hope that Next Automated keeps winning more and more hearts and we wish both the founders goodluck for their future endeavours.