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Travelling is a part of everyone’s lifestyle now, for some is to take a break from stressful lives. Travel can grow an individual in many ways through experiences. It can show many unexplored places, also, It is an inward journey for some to influence their minds. Bali, due to its natural beauty with stunning places is the best place to travel.

Jason Fong 450

Jason Fong - well known as ‘The Boss of Bali” hails from Sydney, Australia was born on September 26, 1978. He has made a unique name for himself in the vast industry of travelling and hospitality.

He started from working as a sales manager and then the head of international markets in the e-commerce space and eventually found his calling as a leading travel expert at a Luxury online travel company. The company is at the forefront of the online travel industry which creates instant demand for Luxury hotels across the world. Fong now has dedicated his life towards growing the travel culture for Bali and inspiring people to visit the Island of the Gods.

Fong fell in love with Bali when he visited the island of the gods for the first time during his honeymoon 20 years ago. Entering into travel and hospitality has been the best decision for Fong as he has become one of Bali’s most respected Travel Experts. He has incredible relationships with Luxury Hotels in Bali and its beautiful people. Fong has collaborated with several celebrities and influencers offering an unforgettable experience with 5 star Luxury hotels in Bali.

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His honesty and reliability has earned a mammoth list of clients for whom travelling to Bali is incomplete without his advice.

Fong’s persistence and hunger to inspire people to visit Bali has made this possible. His honesty and reliability has earned a mammoth list of clients for whom travelling to Bali is incomplete without his advice.

As a Luxury Travel expert, Fong wants people to not just enjoy the beauty that Bali offers, but also feel the peace and serenity it gives to travellers. He is an expert in client acquisition and new hotel partners. His passion for Bali is something that goes beyond words. He has served this place as not just a travel expert but a person with love in his heart filled for Bali and Beyond.

While Sydney is Fong’s home, he spends half the year in Bali which he considers his second home.. He is well versed with every corner of Bali now. The Boss of Bail is the man who will help you with the best places to stay, eat and play in Bali with all the luxury. Fong has gained a huge following on Instagram collaborating with celebrities and influencers from across the world. The number of clients he has thus far is the proof of the love, esteem and passion that he possesses for Bali.

With over 20 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry “The Boss of Bali” looks forward to inspiring you to visit the Bali in the near future.