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Jay Medvedeva

A lot of you must have heard the phrase “start small and make it big”. This phrase seems easy and simple, however, the practical implementation of this phrase is strenuous. But there is one woman who made it look like a piece of cake. Meet Jay Medvedeva; a musician, DJ, and producer who started from small and is now reaping innumerable benefits out of it.

Music has always been Jay’s first priority just like her father. She stepped into the world of DJ after a life-changing snowboarding accident that had her confined to bed in 2007. It was during these times, she began to figure out how to DJ while she was recuperating from her medical procedure. Later on, after the victory in a DJ competition in Russia, she decided to pursue this field seriously. This marked the origin of her profession as a DJ. Her never surrendering mentality and a positive perspective of life is one of the driving variables towards her prosperity.

Then in 2012, Jay went to London on a large scale of events like The White House London, Pacha, Warehouse , and Lightbox alongside and opening many major artists like Sven Vath, Martines Brothers, Matthias Tanzmann and many more.

Meet Jay Medvedeva; a musician, DJ, and producer who started from small and is now reaping innumerable benefits out of it.

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She also played at events from well-known USA music teams like Un_Mute, Speaker Box Miami Link Rebels. BMP festival, Tulum winter Festival, at WMC in Miami as a guest DJ at several hot spots; Electric Pickle, Treehouse, and The Bank, and then it was Cannes festival, We ARe FSTLV, SX MUSIC Festival, Sea Sand park in Germany.

Also, Jay is a long time resident of Nomad that hails from Brooklyn and Washington DC among other fine selectors like Oskar Offermann, Voigtmann, Veronika Fleyta and Ada Kaleh.

Since December 2016, monthly she has her residency on Deeper Sounds, MIXLR and 6 am Ibiza Underground Radio with artists featuring Birdsmakingmachine , Dub Temptation , Marwan Saab, Cortese , Randall M , BEC , David Gtronic , Bianca Mandoui, Birds of Mind, end many more . In November 2017 she became an official resident on an in-flight show at British Airways and collaborated with International summit of Music and Deeper Sounds radio show.

2017 season started on Ibiza island by a performance at HEART Ibiza for Saga party and by setting on Ibiza Global Radio for “it's all about music” MUSIC ON radio show and following by gig at Big Burn Festival in Istanbul and residency at 'LIMITED EDITION" parties at Gazgolder(Moscow) nightclub playing alongside AME, AND ME, Crussen, Azamat and talented local artists.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Currently, she is based in Berlin and working for her production collaborated with producer Enzo Leep and Shaun Reeves . Also had her debut at Space Miami for the 10 years of FUSE London .