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Jeremiah Evans

When it comes to wealth creation, building of leaders, capacity development in young people, aiding the financial stability of entrepreneurs, business strategy and coaching, Alpha Influence is one of the first firms that come to mind.

With super effective tools and efficient methods, Alpha Influence is known for employing cutting edge technologies and techniques to help their members move from earning almost nothing to becoming multi millionaires; even in times like this when most of the world seems to be facing an economic aftereffect of the pandemic.

The company was established by popular fitness, wellness, life and business coach — Jeremiah Evans who is fondly called “The Bull” by fans, family members and friends. After playing football as Division 1 quarterback in college, Jeremiah had dreams of becoming so much more in life and this was why he set up the firm. 

Alongside being known internationally as a sales coach, he has come to take a position of being one of the foremost wealth builders around the globe under the flagship of his Alpha Influence investment company that has generated about twenty million US dollars in sales since the start of its operations.

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Jeremiah Evans has gone on to reveal the future plans of Alpha Influence as regards expansion and growth. 

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For him, the growth of the firm is very necessary as there are millions of young people who need help finding financial stability. There's always a young entrepreneur in the world that has questions whose answers are necessary to take them to the next level of their business.

This is what drives The Bull to keep going and in his words, “the plan for Alpha Influence is to expand the company across all nations.” Global impact is the goal and the firm will not stop working until it is attained.

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