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In the midst of a global pandemic, many businesses are suffering, however, many digital businesses are thriving as most people stay home and scroll through various social media platforms to keep themselves entertained. This is a great time to strike for social media influencers, as it gives them the opportunity to capitalize on increased viewership. Many of these influencers depend on brand sponsorships for revenue, but one influencer saw a glaring flaw with this business concept. Jessica Bartlett has over 1 million followers on Instagram, and she decided it was time to stop depending on others to profit off her massive following. She created a subscription-based platform called COY Co., enabling influencers like her to capitalize on themselves, rather than having brands utilize their image to reap the profits from their success.

Essentially, Bartlett lets influencers be their own brand, and helps them achieve a larger revenue stream, as opposed to the typical partnerships seen on Instagram.

Bartlett no longer promotes brands on her Instagram account, and urges others alike to do the same. An influencer should have their hard work paid off directly to their very own platform, instead of relying on other companies for revenue. Essentially, Bartlett lets influencers be their own brand, and helps them achieve a larger revenue stream, as opposed to the typical partnerships seen on Instagram.

This concept is that of a paid subscription platform, where influencers are able to capitalize on themselves, as long as the content they provide goes beyond the scope of Instagram. This allows influencers to profit off their image and brand directly, giving their loyal followers premium content that could not be seen on any other social media platforms. Bartlett’s platform is very different from platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon, as it is not associated with sex work, and does not shed a negative stigma on those associated with COY Co. Subscription based platforms are a booming business concept, and Bartlett has taken advantage of this market, giving elite influencers a channel to create exclusive content that cannot be seen elsewhere.

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The company is a platform created for influencers, by an influencer who knows the exact needs of her fellow influencers, as well as how to mitigate the negative elements that often come when reaching the upper echelon - in terms of following. Influencers are able to maximize their profits with COY Co.’s tremendous production capabilities, as well as have access to COY Co.’s network, legal protection, growth engine, and personal advice from some of the very best, on how to best monetize on their image.

Bartlett has certain requisite requirements that a creator must meet, and the content must be within the scope of the guidelines to make sure that each creator can make maximum utility in capitalizing on their image. COY Co. has an immense variety of components, where they provide the best-in-class production, and help with the planning that goes into organizing monthly photo shoots. Such photoshoots produce a large amount of content- so the influencer has to show up once, and a month's worth of content will be created. Once the photoshoot is over, COY Co. will create marketing campaigns that heighten engagement and sales. COY Co. also has an expert legal team in place in the event of any content leaks, and guarantees that any leaks will be removed within 24 hours.

Subscription platforms and services have been rising quickly in the last few years, offering a variety of services and products. Bartlett seeks to take advantage of this rising trend and apply it to social media, letting top level influencers to be their own brand with COY Co.’s integrated program, creating an innovative way for influencers to capitalize on themselves, rather than let brands receive the benefits of the hard work of such influencers.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

To learn more about COY Co., you can visit their website at or their Instagram page @thecoyco.