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Jessica Laine

There has been several success stories that we have witness, but do all of them go ahead in becoming motivational sources for others? Well, the world has given birth to incredible professionals and entrepreneurs, but a few amongst them shine brighter because they aim to work for the betterment of others by, adding more value to their lives. This is part of Jesica Laine's journey, who knew she was meant to take the niches of health and finance higher, and that's what she did with her NGO as well as her finance mentorship program.

She is a known market analyst with great expertise in different asset classes. Today, her exponential portfolio includes fundamental and technical analysis of forex, indexes, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, binary options, and commodities. Jessica Laine was a part of the 2016 Olympic trials in boxing; yes, you read that right. An athlete herself, she decided to dive deeper into the health niche to bring more knowledge and awareness among people, which led her to start her one-of-a-kind NGO called Beyond The Body, Inc, consisting of a group of women who today help the youth "Knock Out Obesity, Fight Mental Health, and Conquer Bullying."

Her increased momentum through all her ventures has motivated many up-and-comers globally.

This is what she has been working towards in the health niche by also partnering with the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, and creating an obesity intervention program in D.C. and Atlanta Public School Systems. Also, Jessica Laine has worked with Michelle Obama's campaign, partnership for America: Building a Healthier Future, and made sure to implement so many other health initiatives in the community in organizations and local schools.

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She has been riding high on success in the financial world and letting her students do well with her top-notch trading education and mentorship. She also has her weekly webinars and a Telegram channel. Through all these years, Jessica Laine has only made sure to go beyond boundaries to make it worth it for all those people that cross her path.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Do not miss knowing about her and follow her on Instagram @itsjessicalaine and her official website