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Josh King Madrid has done so much in his life already. He has launched and co-founded a successful NFT magazine, which currently has over forty team members and a company office located in the heart of Irvine, California. The entrepreneur has also built a multi-million dollar empire through his strategies and hard work. It’s crazy to think that Madrid has done all that despite only being in his mid-twenties. Now, he shares timeless lessons that helped him get to where he is today.

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JetSetFly is already a multi-millionaire at the age of twenty-four and is best known as one of the early internet marketing industry pioneers, which he started while in college in 2016. He is a neuro-marketer, Internet Entrepreneur, public speaker, and a well-known internet icon. He is also the founder of, the world's leading news source of NFT alpha on the web. This is where NFT enthusiasts, holders, and investors can get the latest news, market updates, and stories on NFTs, crypto, and blockchain tech. This is a community for NFT alerts, the latest drops, articles, podcasts, and events.

"I am a professional Internet Marketer and in the last 6 years, I have built multiple 7-figure companies and e-commerce brands,” shares the entrepreneur. “Nearly 14,000 customers later and my brands have now collectively generated over $20 million in total online sales. I made my first million at the age of nineteen after dropping out of college." JetSetFly faced an unfortunate truth in business and life when he was betrayed by one of his business partners. This betrayal led to the loss of his house, one of his cars, his “friends”, and nearly a million dollars and wasted tons of money on a frivolous lawsuit.

The young multi-millionaire did not want to waste this painful experience by just going through it. He made sure that he learned from this experience. “Regardless of how well you know someone, treat any business arrangement with due diligence. Motives can be hidden, even if they are your best friends,” says JetSetFly. After being betrayed by the person whom he least expected, he knew that he needed to put more diligence into getting to know his business partners regardless of his relationship with them.

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JetSetFly believes in listening to what your gut tells you or paying attention to red flags. If someone tells you who they are, you better believe them. If someone lacks ethics and values in one area of their life, it is more likely than not that they lack them in every other area as well.

The young NFT businessman believes in keeping it in and not going public with your suffering and pain. For him, this is one of the best ways to learn from one’s pains, failures, and mistakes. “Just because you lose a battle, doesn’t mean you lost the war. Life is long and this is only temporary. The best is always yet to come to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward.” Josh King Madrid believes that the hard reality is that the betrayal happened for a reason.

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As JetSetFly grows himself and his business, he keeps on looking for people to work with who not only have skill sets he can benefit from but that are also committed to the same principles in life and work as he is.