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JHarmony Is Gearing up to Take Over the Music Industry with “Bad”

JHarmony incorporates a vintage sound to the modern material to achieve a stimulating effect in his songs.

Thousands of musical performers have found a home in the entertainment industry over the years. As music continues to be one of the most powerful means of expression, more and more artists are turning to the craft to have an outlet for emotions and find more profound insights about themselves.

Joseph Chibuzor Chima, popularly known for his stage name JHarmony, is a Nigerian American singer and songwriter from Imo State, Nigeria. Known for his musical prowess, the artist gives a fresh perspective to the tales of hustles and relationships by singing and performing from the point of view of outcasts and misfits.

At the tender age of two, JHarmony was already enamored with music. Over the years, he has honed his skills to make a name in the industry and become a seasoned entertainer, chorister, and opera singer. Growing up, he had dreams of building something bigger than himself, most especially in the music industry.

JHarmony incorporates a vintage sound to the modern material to achieve a stimulating effect in his songs.

JHarmony incorporates a vintage sound to the modern material to achieve a stimulating effect in his songs. His music is even more enhanced by his distinct smoky voice trained in opera classics and afrobeat. He visualizes himself as someone who creates songs and beats that will touch the lives of all who listen.

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From the genre of opera-influenced pop to afrobeat, JHarmony’s full discography displays complete control of his talents. Some of his most noteworthy tracks include “Luv U,” “KoKoKo,” and “Positive Energy.” He also released a few singles this year, such as “Money” and “Ballin.’” His latest music video drop is called “Bad Man,” a part of his EP called For4, and is now available on YouTube and other online music streaming platforms. In addition, the EP includes songs in full-lofi and is said to be his most remarkable EP to date.

The music video for “Bad Man” has garnered over 4,000 views on YouTube and is currently gaining popularity in the music community. The song’s success in various online streaming platforms only strengthens JHarmony’s aspirations to continue creating and performing music.

Aside from being a widely acclaimed musician, the Nigerian American is also an experienced entrepreneur. He is an independent artist signed to his own record label, and is the executive producer for TOF Entertainments. He is a merger and acquisitions specialist using his extensive knowledge in business to rise through the ranks of the music industry.

JHarmony is showing no signs of slowing down soon, and in the future, plans to continue writing and releasing more music. His goal is to grow his music exponentially, make more records, and sign new artists under his record label.

Undoubtedly, JHarmony established himself as one of the music artists people should keep their eye on. His aspiration for great things, staying focused and striving to do better will pave his way to tremendous success.

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Check out JHarmony’s latest music video on YouTube. You can also listen to JHarmony’s EPs and singles on Apple Music and Spotify. Check out his official website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to learn more about him.