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John Qreshi

John Qreshi Esotericist Clairaudient Psychic, Author of “Rewiring Your Success” & Founder of Quantum Master Coach™ said “There is nobody promote you better than your haters”

John Qreshi explains that your haters don’t hate you but hate themselves. Author of rewiring your success further stated that when you are creating massive movement and change in people’s lives by providing some value, product, or services, you will surely have haters. And if you do not have any haters, this means you are not succeeding. One of my biggest fears was what people would think of me if I tried this or tried that … and it was stopping me from doing absolutely everything. Once I realized that not necessarily everyone would like me, no matter what I did, my job became clear: It was to render the best service I could and to give my best by solving the most difficult problem in the marketplace. It immediately settled me down to a new level of success, which then allowed me to be able to speak in front of thousands of people on stage.

People will always have haters and lovers, so your job is to render the service to those who need you.

This is how I was able to scale other people’s success and messages out in the marketplace. My mentor once told me, “Not even greatest people in the planet had 100 percent fans. People will always have haters and lovers, so your job is to render the service to those who need you.” And that’s your job. To take note of the haters, but also take note of the raving fans that come along with them. And then to keep rising, and do what you feel called to do, regardless! I see haters who have helped me and hurt me in life; it gives me both, for who I am and get some of my ideas out there. I believe part of it is because people try to figure out how this guy shows up every single day, what is running him or driving him to produce results. I will share with you now the five most important points about haters which are important for you to understand and accept:

#1: Haters are coming for you if you make a move, if you write an article on LinkedIn or social media. There are haters coming for you, so know how to handle them.

#2: The hater is not talking to you; rather, the hater is talking to himself/herself. You make them think about themselves.

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#3: You’ve had a victory: You wrote an article, you reached success, you wrote a book … and they are coming for you. You remind them of what they don’t do!

#4: They are so stupid because they end up promoting you by hating on you. Let me tell you that nobody promotes me better than my haters. They are the best marketing tool in the world.

#5: Haters are not the people to fear. Who you should be fearful of is YOU if you QUIT on yourself because of haters. Understand this: haters are trying to bring you down because they are already below you. At last, when you are getting haters, this is a sign you are becoming successful. So cheer yourself up and continue to be persistent.

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