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John Walsh

Considering how far John Walsh has reached in his music career is not only surprising but also a source of inspiration to all those who feel that they can not achieve their desired goals. While every successful career has its own demands, if we make the required effort, we do progress forward even if we don’t perform as we expect. Thus, despite all the struggles, what made John establish a successful musical career was the fact that he never gave up on his journey. No matter how difficult his path was, he worked in every possible way he could. And as a result, today his path has eventually led to success.

While John was blessed with the creative skills every musician needs, it was his efforts that further pushed him to explore his capabilities. Since the music industry always inspired him, he always knew he wanted to pursue a career in it. Therefore, with time, as John explored his passion, he also planned his way through it.

The musician that once performed other’s work and trembled on the stage, today, confidently performs his own work.

Taking small steps at a time, he began by replicating the music produced by his inspiration. Then slowly, once he felt he had a grip on his skills, he decided to perform in front of a large audience. While it was a tough decision at first, John knew he had to do it. Since he knew that he was prepared, he now just needed to get exposure to the public platform. Thus, with an increased heart rate and trembling fingers, John approached the stage for the first time ever. With anticipation, he closed his eyes and thought about his love for music for a minute, and then just performed his heart out.

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As a result, the musician that once performed other’s work and trembled on the stage, today, confidently performs his own work in front of the whole world. Even though this path included many more struggles like, waiting for auditions, facing rejections, dealing with negative feedback from the audience, and most importantly the fear of failing, it eventually did give John what he desired the most.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Therefore, now whenever someone asks John about his path to success he simply says, “Every goal requires its own sacrifices. Some produce positive results quickly, while some take time. But what eventually develops the road to success is how a person views these struggles. So, instead of focusing on just the term “success”, get inspiration from the whole journey, and not just the end results”