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WealthGap CEO John Zhang claims his latest startup will attract investors even amidst the ongoing pandemic. The name of the company defines the very purpose of the app. It is to bridge the wealth gap between the rich and the struggling masses. The app has been designed based on extensive market research. And the fact that no human interaction is involved is bound to ease the process for tech-savvy millennials. WealthGap aims to help regular people invest like a billionaire.

John Zhang

WealthGap is a robo financial advisor that will manage your investment portfolio and build bankable wealth over time.

WealthGap is a robo financial advisor that will manage your investment portfolio and build bankable wealth over time. The app charges you a nominal fee, far less than the charges allotted for Hedge funds in Wall Street. Most importantly, the Hedge Fund data is backtested to compile a diverse yet competitive portfolio for clients. Zhang has invested all his onfield experience in designing a sturdy concept. He always detested that Hedge funds catered to high net worth individuals (HNIs) and families, insurance companies, endowments, pension funds, and banks. Only billionaires got to reap the benefits, but not anymore.

CEO John Zhang has strategized and conceptualized this unique opportunity for regular people. Zhang has been in the finance sector for a long time. His previous startup Luxari did a steady business in real estate. While he sold and managed condos for his high profile clients, he realized how investments are pro-billionaires. This was when Zhang came up with the idea of making hedge funds accessible to commoners. WealthGap promises to let everyone access hedge funds at a minimal rate.

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His idea is to generate enough wealth for himself and empower people for the worst times. COVID-19 has left everyone in shock. Everyone is beginning to realize the importance of savings, many have lost their lives, and most of us are losing our jobs. These times have stressed the importance of steady investments more than ever. Hence, Zhang feels this is the right time to launch WealthGap.

WealthGap could be your solution for a sturdy future. With access to hedge funds, your profit is secure. Investors understand the value of a product that is designed to save money and generate profits. And hedge funds accessible at a marginal rate is a steal deal!

CEO John Zhang is sure of his product and its purpose. It’s time people understand how fruitful this product could be in the long run. WealthGap is sure to make a mark in the investment industry as it announces a new culture that unites investments for everyone.