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Jorge V Gonzalez

Everyone dreams of providing the best to their family with their little income. Some work extra nights to make more money, while others build something to offer the best lifestyle for their family. Jorge V. Gonzalez is a content creator and inventor of ‘The Batting Pro,’ a softball/baseball training aid for young kids and beginners.

Like every other individual, Jorge also struggled to provide the best for his family. Being a responsible dad, he worked hard as an assistant coach for his daughter to pursue her career in softball.

Jorge saw that his daughter and many other girls were not selected for local community teams because of their petite figure, so he went shopping to buy good equipment to assist her with training. Seeing that nothing could facilitate his daughter in training, Jorge came up with a brilliant idea to build something that could help petite figures improve their batting and muscle memory.

The Batting Pro began as a sketch of a machine that could assist in training beginners in softball and baseball.

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In one of his content on his YouTube channel, ‘Lesson 10: Going all-in on a gift from God!’ Jorge shares his inspiration behind The Batting Pro in detail. The Batting Pro began as a sketch of a machine that could assist in training beginners in softball and baseball. Jorge showed his sketch to his daughter, the co-inventor of the machine, and improved its structure. The first prototype designed by Jorge was used by his daughter, who later became Rookie of the Year in softball. He says, “I still believe that this was a gift from God to me.”

The Batting Pro today is different from what it initially was. As his daughter grew up, Jorge improved the structure to be more sturdier. Using this aid, his daughter improved her position from being a slow-pitch softball to a fast-pitch softball player and made it to the high school JV softball team as a freshman.

With the success of his daughter’s softball career, Jorge decided that it was time to put this equipment out in the world. @thebattingpro on Instagram has attracted many eyes eager to learn softball/baseball but need a training aid for it.

Besides promoting The Batting Pro, Jorge also uses his influence on social media to motivate people. His content is dedicated to tapping people’s talents to help them find their life’s calling at the right time, as he did. For a more detailed explanation about his other life projects, read his book Answer the Call: Life Lessons From Family Origins Through Invention and Struggle, available on Amazon.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The Batting Pro has proven to be one of the best inventions for small figures and beginners. By handing out this equipment to the youth, Jorge believes that beginners will be able to pursue their dreams like his daughter. The Mexican American inventor is optimistic that through The Batting Pro, beginners can perfect their batting techniques and become history’s greatest baseball/softball players.