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Jose Arias

Arias has learnt through the years the tricks to leverage Instagram Ads that have helped him reach his desired results.

The only thing that is perhaps showing no signs of stopping even during a pandemic is social media. There are millions of active users on different social media platforms and this number only keeps growing day by day. In such scenarios, social media marketers and businesses must know how to leverage these online mediums. The fact that many people remain active on these online mediums at the same time shows the advantages ads can have on these platforms. On Instagram, these ads do wonders and lead to an enormous number of conversions. A young entrepreneur from Bronx, New York, Jose Arias is one of those social media marketers who knows how to make proper use of these online ads to his advantage. This is also one of the reasons he is growing each day as a dynamic businessman of the US at only 25 years of age.

From the age of 16 itself, Arias started his career working in social advertising. Later, he ventured into social media influencing and marketing by gaining more clients; he has today become one of the most inspiring success stories in the industry.

By narrowing down whom you want to target, the impression of the ad can be more on the people you choose to focus

Arias shares a few tips of Instagram ads that could prove to be extremely beneficial for people into marketing by achieving their desired results.

  • Find your target audience: By narrowing down whom you want to target, the impression of the ad can be more on the people you choose to focus, says Arias. Although ads can be sent to anyone in the marketing funnel, it is beneficial to be specific in targeting the audience by being more direct towards that particular set of people where the content can be aimed to them only.
  • Be creative with ads: Showing only the repetitive ad content to people would make them lose interest in what you are promoting, points out Arias. Hence, be more creative and regularly update and revamp the ads.
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  • Make more video ads: A moving content has more chances of attracting a large number of people than a static ad. Video ads engage more users and capture more attention from people. One must also use subtitles for users who prefer to watch without sound, suggests Arias.
  • See which ads are more effective: By conducting A/B testing, one can use different ads to know which one is working for them, explains Arias. Through small campaigns, one can know which ad would work more effectively for them.
  • Be smart to create your own content: Users can easily recognize images if they have seen it before somewhere else; hence, be smart enough to create your own content so that you stand unique from others, suggests Arias.

Today Arias is the proud creator of leading meme pages on Instagram like @dawg, @investment, that doesn't seem to stop growing. His own account stands with 22.6K followers. Jose Arias owns a media company that manages OnlyFans models, meme pages, influencers and international models. He has become a pro at influencing and creating creative social media marketing strategies that makes him the best in the industry. Jose Arias publishes interesting posts live videos that’ll help users to grow and establish their personal and business presence on Instagram via his Instagram Account

A renowned Entrepreneur, Educationist, Businessman, Romy Johnson is an Indian and is currently based in Canada. He interviewed Jose Arias, who is one of the top social media marketers and influencers of New York. Romy is the owner, founder and CEO of companies named Fames Media, Cool Gurus, British India Academy and Xaare. Facebook and Instagram - @RomyJohnsonOfficial.