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Business empires, tycoons and successes have come out of the real estate world, making the industry an attractive niche for many to build careers. Joseph McNeal is one of the trailblazers charting for real estate enthusiasts, and he’s more than willing to equip as many people as possible with the right strategies and skills to thrive in the business world.


As an army veteran with over a decade of military service, the spirit of determination and commitment waxes strong in him. Thus, once he got his real estate and insurance licenses, he dug in deep and took a strong position as an expert. Over the course of his decade-long experience, he has received certifications in alternative investments from Harvard Business School Online, real estate and construction management from the University of Denver and a graduate certification from REALTOR® Institute. He has practiced as a military relocation professional and is well-known as a certified pricing strategy advisor.

With his education and experience over the years, Joseph McNeal has built a professional team of experts well-versed in business development using marketing, real estate and financial planning strategies. The team helps clients to consult with real estate sellers, buyers and investors to ensure that both parties arrive at the best terms and prices.

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Joseph studies and determines his clients‘ needs and financial abilities to create solutions that fit their situation perfectly. He carries out comparative market analyses to estimate property values and determine the personal financial power of his clients. His goal is to help people reach their financial goals using various metrics and factors. "All of my work revolves around showing people that there are advisors and consultants available that are willing to help them and significantly improve their futures," he said. "We can provide value to nearly anyone in the United States. Our clients are typically business minded and have a household to protect, such as a family or home," he added.

His services cater to everyone interested in the real estate market in Colorado Springs or Pueblo, and so far, many people can attest to the remarkable results the Joseph McNeal team has achieved for them. “Our team uses our real estate expertise to sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Selling a home requires a minimum of 180 individual tasks. That's a lot of details that no single agent can effectively manage. Our team of professionals works collaboratively across separate positions, each giving 100% attention to their area of expertise for the same price as an individual agent,” his official website stated.

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Over the next few years, Joseph sees himself helping more people and deploying his skillsets to make more notable contributions to the real estate marketplace. He also hopes to take over more markets all over the United States and become a trusted name in the global real estate and business spaces.