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The Chicago real estate market has been rising gradually in the last few years. Though the rise isn’t as acute as other regions in the US, the graph has steadily moved up, indicating higher stability. In addition to this trend, real estate prices are currently at their highest, making it truly attractive to investors across America. Dr. Ju Hearn shares his insights about Chicago’s promising real estate market, and the opportunities it presents in the years to come.

Ju Hearn

Dr. Ju Hearn has a keen interest in Chicago’s real estate market. He has conducted in-depth research in the last few years to evaluate its growth and investment opportunities. He observed that real estate prices have leveled, while properties are not selling as quickly as they used to. Dr. Hearn elaborated, “Chicago’s real estate market has gradually shifted and has become extremely buyer-friendly. There is a massive inventory of homes available, while the median selling price has flat-lined. These are clear indicators that Chicago will become full-blown buyers’ market in the months to come.” Dr. Hearn’s observations indicated that this is the ideal time to invest in Chicago’s real estate market. High cash flow and steady appreciation will likely yield promising returns to investors.

Dr. Ju Hearn is a widely successful serial entrepreneur, having established several successful ventures.

Dr. Ju Hearn is a widely successful serial entrepreneur, having established several successful ventures. He is the founder of 360 Active Recovery LLC, which specializes in physical therapy, chiropractic care, and intense boot camps. Dr. Hearn is the owner and founder of Recharge Athletics, where he has coached and trained various professional athletes, including the NBA and FIBA. He has worked with athletes such as Evan Turner (Minnesota Timberwolves), Keita Bates-Diop (Denver Nuggets), Glenn Robinson iii (Philadelphia 76ers), Patrick Beverly (LA Clippers), and Marques Bolden (Cleveland Cavaliers) among several others.

Despite having established multiple successful ventures, Dr. Hearn was eager to explore new avenues, when the real estate sector caught his attention. He explained, “While I’m best known for my work in health, fitness and athletic training, investing and real estate are strong passions of mine. The Chicago market is a great market to enter as an investor. All it takes is knowledge, dedication, and perseverance.”

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Dr. Ju Hearn’s enthusiasm and zest to keep learning are truly inspirational. His insatiable urge to explore new avenues and explore unchartered waters prove that the spirit of entrepreneurship is indeed in his blood. He enjoys reading in his spare time and is especially fond of authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Grant Cardone, and several others. He has numerous projects and activities planned for the future. He is also keen on acquiring a few investment properties, most likely in and around Chicago.