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Julian Latty

Julian Latty is a serial entrepreneur based in Virginia Beach. His current ventures include owning and operating an AllState Agency in Virginia with another branch located in Dallas in the works, owning two food trucks in Virginia Beach with a third in the works, and is currently working on opening a CBD shop with his business partner called iCanna Premier.

With all the experience Julian has in several different industries, it may seem to new entrepreneurs that his level of success is unattainable without a strong skill set and proper connections.

Julian is here to say that it isn’t true. When he’s asked how others can find success as an entrepreneur, he simply said, “I want to be able to relate to the person who’s struggling, so they can look at my story and say, ‘if he can do it, I can too.’”

It has been a long, hard journey filled with setbacks, struggle and plenty of dedication, but Julian wants people to look at his rise to success and realize that his journey is repeatable. In fact, he mentors aspiring entrepreneurs on a regular basis by going into detail breaking down their businesses and showing them how they can make it profitable and scalable.

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Julian comes from a tough upbringing and has constantly been told he would never become successful.

Julian comes from a tough upbringing and has constantly been told he would never become successful. He’s always been good at turning adversity and doubt into motivation to strive for greatness, and he credits his success in part to these things. He also knows that coming from nothing and growing into an entrepreneur with several successful ventures is entirely possible, which is why he’s so passionate about giving time and resources to local entrepreneurs that have the same dreams he once had.

Julian's parents are in real estate and own land in rural virginia. After speaking with his parents about growing on their property they said, yes. The farm will be known as iCanna Farms, an extension of iCanna Premier CBD. We should start our first growth in 2022 sometime and grow THC once it is legalized in Virginia.Success has brought a tremendous amount of happiness to Julian’s life. He says he’s more content and fulfilled than ever before, and has really become more mindful of his emotions and thoughts. He’s gotten much better in business decision making, is extremely willing to give back to his local community, and is now actively giving back to others that were once in his shoes to give them a stepping stone to their own success.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

One thing that has remained constant in Julian’s journey is his hunger to get to the top and be the absolute best in everything he’s passionate about. Even with how far he’s come from barely making rent payments to owning a handful of successful businesses, Julian feels his journey is only just getting started.

If you wish to learn more about Julian Latty, please visit his instagram page at @glibighandle or go to Home | Cannabis Dispensary - iCanna Premier