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As the current real estate market continues to benefit sellers, many people are wondering how they can start investing in properties for themselves. There’s a lot to consider when entering the real estate market to ensure you see a worthwhile return on your investment. One entrepreneur is making the process easy for investors to get them earning a paycheck in no time.

CEO of JustInvestNow Justin Fontenelle is changing the game for seasoned and new investors alike. His company specializes in investment property management in Detroit, Michigan, which is located in the United States. He and his dedicated team work hard to assist clients throughout the entire investing process, from choosing a property, to managing it, and everything in between. Justin’s goal is to help people see the biggest return on their investment as possible with no stress. 

Why purchase property in Detroit, Michigan?

The reason that Justin Fontenelle is focused on Detroit is simple - because it is one of the top metro areas for flipping houses.

The reason that Justin Fontenelle is focused on Detroit is simple - because it is one of the top metro areas for flipping houses. The potential for investors to see a return on their investment here is higher than in any other city in the entire United States. Detroit is also a city where several different entities are dedicated to reviving the community. City administration is dedicated to working closely with developers and investors to make the city the best it can be for citizens. This is all in a combined effort to bring the city back to the flourishing area that it once was. The city is on a good course to make a comeback, which is evident in the improvement it has seen in recent years. An economic resurgence is on the horizon, and Justin is dedicated to helping include investors in this rebuilding initiative. Low cost of properties in an area with increasingly high potential is great for investors.

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How Justin and his team can help

Justin and his team of experts at JustInvestNow are available to help investors from start to finish. They start by presenting a client with a selection of properties, which have all been certified by city officials. The team takes each client's budget into account and goes from there to find the best opportunities for them. Justin Fontenelle and his team at JustInvestNow will then manage the property on-site, which includes communicating with tenants and handling service repairs.

The company is there to manage the property for you, and also serve as a holding company. JustInvestNow steps in to take care of the company incorporation (LLC), bank account, and 1 year of accounting so the client doesn’t have to waste time and energy with administrative tasks.

Justin has made it his mission to simplify the process of becoming an investor and doing the heavy lifting on the management side. With the right team of support helping you manage the details, getting started on your investment journey is easy. For more information on how JustInvestNow is helping investors make the most of their investment in real estate, visit the company website here.