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Justin Fontenelle of JustInvestNow

The crypto revolution is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon. As more people than ever before consider cryptocurrency as a legitimate investment with massive potential, the power behind this kind of blockchain-based currency is shifting commerce, investments, and even government structures.

With something this influential and formidable in the world of investing, Justin Fontenelle of JustInvestNow felt it was important to make crypto an option in real estate. As a real estate manager and investor with years of experience working in the Parisian, Miami, and Detroit markets, he has watched too many people miss out on the potential of passive income in real estate due to the buy-in. By offering people the option to buy in with as little as $50, he is hoping to change minds and encourage everyone to pay more attention to real estate development.

“We are launching JINFlow that will allow any investor to put in as little as $50 worth of crypto into real estate,” said Fontenelle. “That means that any person can get in on this passive income, which for me, has been life-changing. The pandemic has fueled interest in ways to make money at home, online, without any extra effort, and real estate investment is one of the best ways to make that happen.”

JustInvestNow is a turnkey real estate investment and management firm with A to Z solutions that are offered globally, especially in France and Belgium.

JustInvestNow is a turnkey real estate investment and management firm with A to Z solutions that are offered globally, especially in France and Belgium. Born and raised in Belgium as a native French-speaker, Fontenelle has changed the real estate game here in the United States by offering services in English, French, and Spanish to all American and non-American clients.

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Justin owns, Home Financial Solutions, which is a CPA firm that specializes in real estate with international investors so that clients from around the world can set up their LLCs and bank accounts without ever setting foot in the United States.

“The burgeoning Detroit market is something that people around the world can access and enjoy with pooled investments, which contributes to the comeback and development of this amazing Midwestern city,” said Fontenelle. “We see it as a win-win for our investors, while helping to change the landscape of Detroit. And we don’t just stick to Detroit, either; we’re in Miami, Paris, Scottsdale and other major real estate cities today.”

International Potential for All

JustInvestNow also offers Airbnbs that are available as split shares to investors. The same holds true for apartments. They oversee a management team that ensures each management company is on top of everything in the transaction. JustInvestNow filters the accounting from the management company through to their investors, creating a reliance and transparency that is winning them more clients than ever before.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

2021 is shaping up to be the best year yet for Fontenelle, as his team is set to sell well over 150 houses, pushing to the 200 mark. Considering the team sold 130 houses last year, and 90 houses in 2019, the promise and potential of JustInvestNow is reaching investors’ ears overseas.

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