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Kamran Razmdjoo, A Los Angeles-Based Celebrity and Fashion Stylist Who Styled Top Celebrities.

Kamran always dreamt of using his incredible and unique sense of fashion to help style others.
Kamran Razmdjoo

Kamran Razmdjoo is a celebrity stylist, fashion influencer, and blogger. He was born on the 10th of April,1991, in Los Angeles, California. Being a Fashionista, he likes to be unique with his looks and loves to show people his favorite styles. Being the co-founder of an excellent personal styling company KMSTYL, he has worked with actor Matt Bomer and even with NBA player Stanley Johnson. He has styled top celebrities like Marina Laswick, Eric Bledsoe, Kelly Kelly, and Barbara Souray. The list is rapidly growing as he constantly works to cater to everybody's fashion needs, not just celebrities.

Kamran Razmdjoo, being a High-quality celebrity stylist, works with high-end designers for his brand, which is overgrowing with him working with many actresses and models. Kamran always dreamt of using his incredible and unique sense of fashion to help style others. He has a profound love for fashion, and he believes that the fashion industry has a bright future. The tone from the past is coming back, especially the vintage looks. He swears by the vintage looks as it gives an edgier feel.

Being a fashion icon himself, Kamran Razmdjoo looks up to Zayn Malik, Hailey Baldwin, and Harry Styles for inspiration. This fashion icon advises people to wear anything they think will look good with confidence because there are no set rules in the fashion industry. Despite being in the highly competitive and ever-growing industry, he doesn't see others competing. But instead, he thinks of them as a big family with people supporting each other.

Kamran always dreamt of using his incredible and unique sense of fashion to help style others.

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The fashion mogul believes in making a mark in the fashion industry in five years. At an early age itself, Kamran Razmdjoo found a burning desire to shine in the fashion industry. Whenever he went to the stores, he checked what was new in the fashion section. He loves going to the Rodeo drive to get creative Ideas to dress. This fashion mogul started experimenting with different styles and had them posted to his Instagram. People loved his sense of style, which was the beginning of his career in the fashion world. Soon, he collaborated with different celebrities and athletes.

Razmdjoo slowly made his way to the top of the list of celebrity stylists. He continued to grow in the fashion industry. Most of the clients of Kamran weren't local, so they would always look for a nice place to stay. So he got his hands on real estate. He had also made a user-friendly app called Mynxthome in which people can view what is on the real estate market.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Kamran Razmdjoo being a successful and famous celebrity stylist and a realtor, always mentions that " It takes only one" as a motivational factor to pursue our dreams. This fashion mogul surely knows what he is doing with his styles and unique looks and never fails to grab the attention of every eye in the room.