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Katharas Studios: Musical Abode by Vibhor Saini

Vibhor has always tried and succeeded in creating a mystical aura by his music and leaving the audience spellbound.
Katharas Studios

In 2007, Musician & Astrologer Vibhor Saini launched a splendid music studio in New Delhi that changed the musical orientation of many young minds. This was the establishment of the “Katharas Audio Studio” and “Katharas Music Studio”,llto accomplish his dream of serving the field of music and rendering guidance to the young generation for acquiring the true essence of music. Vibhor’s quest for a fully equipped studio started in 2004 when he wished to record his first music album. However, failing to find a perfect studio for this in Delhi, he had to travel to Mumbai to get his desired guitar tones captured for the album.

But in his heart, he decided to establish a world class studio of his own so that he can offer to others what he had to struggle for. Thus, this urge led to establishment of the studio with the technical support of Mr. Satish Gupta, a 4 times iifa award winning sound engineer. Vibhor Saini, a virtuoso, someone who understands sound well, designed the studio with Gupta, sourcing the best of acoustic material like the acoustic foams and finest spruce & pine wood from USA & Germany. The studio was then equipped with world class audio hardware and softwares too.

Vibhor has always tried and succeeded in creating a mystical aura by his music and leaving the audience spellbound.

Once the studio was up and running he wished to have artists from all over India and even abroad, Vibhor’s dream didn’t take long to come true when the Grammy award winning band “Mumford & Sons” recorded sessions at his studio of their songs for their album “Babel”, the very album won the “Album of the year Grammy” in 2013. Soon Vibhor had Bollywood coming to his studio and singers like Kumar Sanu, Mohit Chauhan and Akhil Sachdeva, movie producers like Imtiaz Ali, legendary music director AR Rahman and many others graced the studio for their productions.

It’s not just the studio that stands out in the professional life of Vibhor Saini. Rather it is his whole life that has been the epitome of talent, sedulous attitude and influence for the upcoming artists. He was about 15 years of age when he had attained mastery in both Indian and Western music and was not merely a student but also a teacher who taught both the forms of music at Saraswati Music College, India’s premium art institute that was founded by his grandfather Prof. Bansilal Kapoor in 1924, Vibhor’s mother Mrs. Usha Saini heads the institute as its principal. His father Mr. B.R. Saini helped his mother take the institute to international platforms by organizing biggest of musical shows with India’s legendary artist like singer Kishore Kumar & Jagjit Singh and film stars like Dilip Kumar in the 1970’s to Akshay Kumar in the 2000’s.

Keeping pace with his musical endowment, Vibhor dedicated a significant amount of time of his life in bringing out the three volumes of his album, “Singing Strings of Vibhor Saini”. The first album was released in 2004, followed by second volume in 2017 and third in 2020 by India’s biggest music label Tseries. All the three volumes comprised of Bollywood songs in their mesmerizing acoustic Guitar version by Vibhor Saini, with the strings following vocals so tightly as if the strings were literally singing the songs, hence the albums were named “Singing strings of Vibhor Saini”. 

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Vibhor has always tried and succeeded in creating a mystical aura by his music and leaving the audience spellbound. The same happened when Vibhor performed at the 98th Year Celebration of Saraswati Music College and what made the performance more enchanting was his announcement to launch “Singing Strings of Vibhor Saini Volume 4” in the following months of 2021.

As the event was graced by the presence of many esteemed dignitaries, such as India’s union minister Parshottam Rupala, film producer Rahul Rawail, the launch was done by veteran actor Mr. Randhir Kapoor. As he shared his feelings he fondly spoke of how the earlier three volumes were launched by his brother Late actor Mr. Rishi Kapoor, and the volumes had songs of his father Late Mr. Raj Kapoor, which truly touched the hearts of people across India as well as Central Asia and Russia.

Vibhor Saini has also been consistent in being a mentor and coach to the budding artists. He acknowledges the short comings that come along his way of progress and works not only to surpass them but also to invigorate the foundation that renders the stepping stones to the students. Taking up the mantle from

His parents, Vibhor has already launched two branches of Saraswati Music College in Tashkent Uzbekistan and in the Narmada River View Resort bldg. Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh respectively. He further wishes to contribute more and strengthen the foundation of music by inaugurating more branches of Saraswati Music College by its centennial year that is 2023.

However, Vibhor’s legacy is not just about music but also about astrology. Having attained knowledge through the Guru Shishya Parampara of teaching from his father Mr. B.R. Saini, a world-renowned astrologer practicing since 1970.

Vibhor became a highly recognized teacher by the age of 15, and in the subsequent years he added further value to astrology by resourceful research, making it more scientific for the people to corelate. He is credited with bringing forth the new concept for married couples so that they can decide the conception of their child and pre-determine favorable planetary conditions on the likely date of birth. Vibhor also serves as the Director at the National School of Astrology and Palmistry, that was founded by his father in 1982.

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Along with this, Vibhor Saini has always been intrigued by new entrepreneurial ventures and has spread wings to fly even higher. Currently he holds the position of the Joint Director at Sapphire Enterprises and Sapphire Tashkent International and is also prompt in market and commerce pursuits of a wide spectrum ranging from Dry fruits, lentils, Asafetida (Heeng) to metals and precious Gemstones.