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Kemal Üres

Behind every successful person, there is a coach and a mentor who brings out the best potential within you. Coaching has now become a successful profession and its market is substantially growing globally. The career is robust and the life coaches, in general, have got a bright future. One such name who is shining bright in the overall development of a person is Kemal Üres. He is a man with varied talent and is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach and an investor. Kemal holds formal training in commercial education and is a trained hotel expert and a coach with a specialization in Change Management.

External development like a good physique is secondary as his primary goal is to have better peace of mind.

In the last few years, he has mentored and influenced many people by helping them grow on different levels. According to him, growth begins when you improve yourself not to impress others. For him, external development like a good physique is secondary as his primary goal is to have better peace of mind. “Train your mind first and then focus to train your body. Meditation is the key to have a positive mindset and I believe that individual of any age-group should meditate to have a better work-life balance”, quoted Üres. He is currently based in Hamburg and has got his investments in various sectors of the business. 

Mr Üres during his seminars has revealed that comfort zone will take a person to nowhere. Once a person steps out of his or her comfort zone, that is when things change for good. Before becoming a successful life-coach, the entrepreneur has gone through a lot of ups and downs. He faced depression in his early days and did not have any clue about his aim. However, the idea of growing and helping others grow has taken him on a path of positivity and success. Having a positive outlook towards life, the 43-year old entrepreneur has helped many young talents grow on different levels. He says never give up and never back down any challenge. “Transform your challenges into opportunities and see how your life changes”, stated Kemal.

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Not only a fantastic life-coach and an influential speaker, but Mr Üres is also a smart investor. In his career of more than two decades, he has time and again advised the younger generation to invest rather than saving money. One of his successful investments has been in the food industry and his eatery named ‘Daily You’ is a prominent place in Germany today. His current goal is to expand the food chain and also venture into the real estate sector.


While the market will take time to prosper after the COVID-19 pandemic, the entrepreneur is sure to become a real estate owner. His book which is a result of the lockdown is also in the process of getting launched in 2021. We wish this talented man lots of luck for his future endeavours.

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