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Ken Llamas

Ken Llamas is a leading entrepreneur who has ditched the traditional ways to earn a living and has chased his freedom. He discovered cryptocurrency and money-making online businesses at age 21 when he was in college.

Soon then, within 6 months, he made around $15K and dropped out before the last semester of college.

He started a YouTube channel about how to invest in cryptocurrency, altcoins using his unconventional methods which helped others turn $1000 into $10K, $10K into 6-Figures.

With all his hard work and determination, he grew the YouTube channel from 0 - 10K in less than 2 months.

Ken looks forward to creating a lot of content of investing money in a project. “Instead of just reviewing a cryptocurrency project, I just get straight to the point and invest in the project in the video while reviewing it. Nobody else does this. Expect some killer strategies to invest and trade in crypto that could 10x your portfolio towards the end of the bull cycle”, Ken stated.

Ken’s inspiration

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He thought he was destined to live a 9-5 life but never really knew what it meant till towards the end of his college years.

Ken started when he was going through an early life crisis while at college. He was stressed from nursing exams and the pressure from his parents. He thought he was destined to live a 9-5 life but never really knew what it meant till towards the end of his college years. He realized that this was not the life he wanted to live. “I wanted to be financially free and not having to worry about a boss to write my checks, so that's when my journey of learning this all started”, Ken remarked.

What has made Ken different from the rest

Ken’s strategies are very unconventional and mid-high risk which deliver the greatest return in a short period. Ken provides very clear and upfront honest reviews on the projects that he invests in. “I show my failed projects and show my successful projects. I even show me investing over $50,000 in a project that I fully believe in”, Ken remarked.

Here is what Ken looks forward to

Ken is grateful for being able to help people to make money by investing in cryptocurrency regardless of any starting investment which has allowed them to pay off their debts, travel the world, quit their jobs, and pay for their college education.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Ken’s biggest goal is to take 100 people and 10x their cryptocurrency investments. That would mean turning $1000 into over 6-figures towards the end of this bull run.